Nigeria Still Beautiful Place With Opportunities, Don’t Lose Hope – Pelican Valley CEO Urges Youths

… Says Wealth or Money Alone Can't Secure One's Future

Young real estate entrepreneur, Amb.(Dr) Babatunde Adeyemo has declared that despite her challenges, Nigeria remains a beautiful country with boundless opportunities for citizens, especially youth, to tap into and grow to any enviable heights.

Ambassador Adeyemo who reiterated his faith in the country and commitment to giving hope to the despairing Nigerian youths, maintained that “Nigeria is a beautiful place, a land that is full of honey, where you can grow big if you have the energy, goodwill and a drive to push forward, most especially in the real estate industry.”

He stated this on Easter Eve while making his presentation titled, ‘About Real Estate Project And How The Diasporas Can Invest In It’ during a virtual interactive and business networking session hosted by the Nigerian and Canadian Business Network (NCBN) that had in attendance Nigeria Acting High Commissioner Ambassador Obioma Nzewuji and speakers such as Ken Oguzie, Lady Kay, Badewa Williams, Dr. Olakunle Ibitoye, Dr. Chris Brooks and Dr. Olumide Oladapo among other participants at the event organised by NCBN O’awa President – Apostle Cornelius Babalola, NCBN Toronto President – Wale Rabiu and NCBN chairman, King Wale Adesanya.

Ken Oguzie welcomed participants and unfolded the agenda to connect Nigerian and Canadian businesses through presentations on investment opportunities, he also recognised dignitaries including the Nigerian High Commissioner for their support, while King Ade commended participants and speakers, urging collaboration between Nigerian and Canadian businesses.

Lady Kay and Dr Chris Brooks also reinforced this while Badewa Williams invited attendees to the forthcoming November Nigerian Diaspora Investment Summit.

Speaking on his presentation titled, ‘About Real Estate Project And How The Diasporas Can Invest In It,’ Adeyemo outlined a pathway for successful real estate investment in Nigeria through due diligence, adding value, gaining trust, and patience while also highlighting Pelican Valley’s government-approved developments and affordable housing solutions as some of the innovations standing Pelican Valley out positively from others.

The realtor, who is the CEO of Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited, the Nigerian real estate firm behind Pelican Valley Estate Laderin where unusual home happens; Pelican Brief Estate, Pelican Ecostay Apartments and Pelican’s Greenish Acres Farm Estate – all three are located at the Kobape – Masha corridor of Ogun state, vowed to build people, saying that is what stands the test of time and not money.

According to him, there is no amount of wealth one can get or amount of money anyone can steal to secure one’s own future let alone, the future of one’s children.

He said, “Nigeria is a beautiful place, a land that is full of honey where you can grow big if you have the energy, goodwill and a drive to push forward, most especially in the real estate industry it is very easy and practicable, because I’m a living witness. Sometimes I feel like if I can start this real estate with less than N2.5million about 14 years ago and I can grow my company to become a household name with a property portfolio of success without taking killer-loan from any bank, it shows that this country has a potential for anyone to grow and thrive.

“So, one of the things that motivates is bringing hope to the hopeless, most especially giving similes to a hopeless society. Some people believe you cannot make it until you get out of this country or defraud someone. If they see rich people, their believe is that they have embezzled money somewhere. That is a wrong mindset and we have to start changing it by exemplifying that you can succeed in worthy ventures without cheating others or cutting corners. This is what drive my zeal to be an average Nigerian youth’s Ambassador. I want to use any opportunity I have to bring hope to the youth, to show them practically that succeeding by honest means is practicable in Nigeria, and let them realise that you don’t have to defraud anyone, you don’t have to break the Bank and you don’t have to get a godfather before you can make it in Nigeria. And it has been working, every forum and opportunity that I have, I always try to blow my trumpet; just to bring hope to Nigerian youths.

“And by the virtue of being a journalist, I have seen someone who is a multi-billionaire and later became poor, I have seen President and governors that are not happy and seen people who stashed the house full with money and they are not happy, that gives me the submission that there is no amount of wealth you can get or amount of money you can steal that will be enough to secure your own future let alone the future of your children.

“I want to lay down an enduring legacy that will stand with test of time. Gathering all the money will not really stand the test of time. For you to build an institution, you will motivate people and that is actually what will stand the test of time, and that is why money don’t really push me. Once I see money, I don’t really keep it in my account. Once it comes, I use it and it is helping. The project that I have done with less than N250Million Naira, you can’t do it with a Billion Naira now, and if I have kept that amount in the bank and be worshipping it, it would have been devalued in our eye today.

“People in diaspora have funds to invest in real estate but where almost all of them get it wrong is having a right platform to invest their money and that has been a clog in the wheel of progress of both Nigerians at home and abroad who want to invest in the real estate industry back home.

“Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited is here to change the narratives. I believe there is nothing bad in us starting to remould the ideology now; it is never too late. I am a strong believer of remodelling ideology and I believe we can start to change the narrative; God willing which should be able to do something substantial. To be in real estate in Nigeria is not that difficult in as much you can follow some steps and principles such as due diligence, adding value, buying time for your property to appreciate and goodwill. And you can also explore our open doors to see things for yourself.

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