Nigerian Army Captain Found Dead In Akwa Ibom; Family Demands Answers

 In  a heart-wrenching turn of events, Captain Alphonsus Alexander Kalthy Bazza, a dedicated officer in the Nigerian Army and a recent father, was discovered lifeless in Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom State. 

The circumstances surrounding his demise have left his grieving family with lingering suspicions.

The deceased soldier was found hanging from a tree in a remote area on Saturday night, leaving his family baffled and deeply concerned. 

With no apparent motive or suicide note left behind, his death is shrouded in mystery.

A relative of Captain Bazza expressed their disbelief, stating, “How can a Captain in the army hang himself with a mosquito net that he used to sleep? He didn’t have any reason to kill himself. Did he kill somebody? No! So why would he just kill himself? 

He lost his tent mate under mysterious circumstances when he was in Yobe. He got married in 2017 and has only one child – a boy.”

The Nigerian Army headquarters has initiated an investigation to unveil the true cause of his tragic death, offering a glimmer of hope for answers in this perplexing case.

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