Nigerian Athlete Faces Up To 20 Years Imprisonment In US Money Laundering Case

Nigerian athlete Mercy Abire, known for her achievements in long jump, has been found entangled in a web of conspiracy and money laundering in the United States. 


The 28-year-old athlete, along with former Nigerian men’s 100m champion Raymond Ekevwo and Aniekeme Etim, stands accused of orchestrating a series of fraudulent schemes spanning from 2018 to 2022, targeting unsuspecting victims.


Court documents unveiled during the trial reveal that the trio devised elaborate online romance scams, fraudulent charity endeavors, and other deceitful tactics, amassing substantial illicit gains. 


These ill-gotten funds were circulated among the perpetrators, with a significant portion funneling overseas, away from prying eyes.


Abire’s alleged complicity is underscored by her involvement in transferring over $100,000 to her co-conspirators through her US bank account, spanning from November 2018 to April 2019. 


This deep engagement in the financial machinations casts a shadow over her role in the money laundering operation.


The weighty investigation, led by U.S. Attorney Darren LaMarca and meticulously conducted by the FBI, lays bare the extent of the criminal network.


 In light of her guilty plea, Mercy Abire is now slated for sentencing on August 30, 2023, facing the grim prospect of a maximum 20-year imprisonment.


 Her destiny lies in the hands of a Federal District judge, who will meticulously consider US Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory elements before delivering the final verdict.


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