Nigerian Pastor Suspends Offering Collection Amid Economic Hardship

A Nigerian pastor has captivated his congregation and garnered widespread attention by announcing the suspension of offering collections in his church due to the ongoing economic hardship in the country.

The announcement, which quickly went viral after being shared on social media on Saturday, featured the pastor addressing his congregation with a heartfelt message.

 In the video, the pastor empathized with the financial struggles faced by many Nigerians, stating that the church would temporarily halt the collection of offerings to alleviate some of the pressure on its members.

“Stop collecting offers for now because of the situation of the country. For now, we are pending the offering,” the pastor declared. 

“In our church, we are not collecting offering for now. Come and serve your God, go, until pressure comes down.”

This bold step has been met with widespread praise, with many lauding the pastor’s sensitivity to the economic challenges faced by his congregation. 

The pastor further extended his call to action beyond his church, urging pastors worldwide to adopt a similar stance during these difficult times.

“All pastors all over the world should stop collecting offerings for the time being,” he urged, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing the well-being of church members over financial contributions.

PLATFORM TIMES reports that the move comes as Nigeria continues to grapple with severe economic difficulties, including high inflation rates, rising unemployment, and increased cost of living, which have placed significant strain on many households.


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