Nigeria’s Climate Warriors Gear Up for Global Impact At COP28 In Dubai

Daud Olatunji

In a landmark initiative, the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) and the Ford Foundation are championing climate justice by sponsoring seven members of the Nigeria Climate Justice Alliance (NCJA) to attend the 28th Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) in Dubai.

The partnership, announced by Dr. Joseph Onoja, Director General of NCF, underscores a commitment to amplify the voices of civil society organizations (CSOs) advocating for climate justice in Nigeria.

 This move aligns with the objectives set forth in July 2023 during the launch of NCJA in Abuja, aiming to strengthen CSOs’ impact on climate justice by ensuring equitable climate actions for vulnerable groups.

Dr. Onoja emphasized that this opportunity positions NCJA members to engage with world leaders and delegates from 192 countries, fostering a global dialogue on climate commitments and accountability.

 As the secretariat of NCJA, NCF will play a pivotal role in coordinating, mobilizing, and supporting the participating members throughout the conference.

The significance of COP28 cannot be overstated, marking the final global stocktaking after the Paris Agreement in 2015. 

Participants are eager to assess the impact of global climate actions and advocate for maintaining the global average temperature within the crucial 1.5°C limit. 

The anticipated finalization of the framework for the Loss and Damage Fund established in Sham El-Sheikh adds another layer of importance to this year’s conference.

For the selected NCJA members, this represents a life-changing experience as they step onto the global stage, attending side events, bilateral meetings, and mentorship forums. Their enthusiasm is palpable, especially for those experiencing their first COP, as they prepare to champion climate justice campaigns and ensure nature takes center stage in the negotiations.

As the world awaits the outcomes of COP28 with great anticipation, the call for unity and ambitious commitments resonates. 

The hope is that climate negotiators will embrace multilateralism, fostering collaboration and collective action for a sustainable and resilient planet. 

The journey of these Nigerian climate warriors to Dubai symbolizes a crucial step towards a future where climate justice prevails on a global scale.

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