Nigeria’s Current Account Balance Hits $1.43bn Surplus — IMF

In a recent report, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) revealed that Nigeria’s current account balance has achieved a notable surplus of $1.43 billion. 

This development comes amid optimistic forecasts for Nigeria’s economic growth over the next five years.

The IMF projects that Nigeria’s economy will experience substantial growth, with its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) terms anticipated to reach $1.85 trillion by 2029.

 This forecast signifies a consistent increase in economic activity, highlighted by an expected growth rate of 5.5% in 2029.

Data from the IMF underscores this positive trajectory, showing Nigeria’s GDP in PPP terms rising from $1.36 trillion in 2023 to an estimated $1.85 trillion in 2029. 

Additionally, Nigeria’s share of the global GDP based on PPP is projected to increase slightly from 0.77% in 2023 to 0.78% by 2029.

This favorable outlook suggests that Nigeria’s economy is steadily expanding. 

This growth is driven by efforts to diversify the economy, invest in infrastructure, and promote foreign investment. 

Despite significant challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic and fluctuating oil prices, Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, is expected to maintain a stable growth path.

The IMF’s report highlights the resilience of Nigeria’s economy in the face of these obstacles. 

The country’s strategic focus on diversifying its economic base away from oil dependency and investing in key infrastructure projects appears to be yielding positive resul

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