Night of Horror: Celebrating 71st Birthday Amidst Violent Attack -Mike Awoyinfa Shares Shocking Ordeal


In a harrowing tale of terror, renowned journalist Mike Awoyinfa experienced a chilling birthday eve as he and his wife faced a life-threatening assault by three masked assailants. 


These sinister figures, armed with knives, cutlasses, and an axe, burst into their bedroom with a chilling demand for $70,000, threatening to end their lives if their demands were not met.


The nightmare began when the attackers plunged the room into darkness, switching off the lights, and used their phone torchlights to torment the couple.


 The unsuspecting pair, who were preparing to watch the 10 o’clock Channel News, suddenly found themselves thrust into a real-life nightmare, becoming the center of their own horrifying headline.


For seventy agonizing minutes, the assailants subjected Awoyinfa and his wife to unimaginable horrors.


 They brutally assaulted them, delivering brutal slaps and employing a chokehold technique reminiscent of US-police tactics, causing the victims to struggle for breath. 


The desperate cries of Awoyinfa’s wife, struggling to breathe, echoed through the darkness as she fought for her life.


The attackers’ violence continued as they unleashed their fury on the couple. 


The wife’s legs and thighs bore the brutal brunt of an axe, rendering her barely able to walk. Meanwhile, Awoyinfa felt the cold edge of a knife against his neck, misinterpreting the sensation of sweat as blood flowing down his skin.


The assailants demanded money, ransacking the couple’s belongings and even accessing their financial accounts by confiscating their ATM and credit cards. 


Despite the monetary loss, Awoyinfa emphasizes that life remains invaluable. As long as one is alive, hope endures.


In a twist of fate, Awoyinfa’s birthday became synonymous with his near-death experience.


 The deluge of well-wishes and birthday greetings from friends and acquaintances were left unread and unanswered, a testament to the stark reality that their lives hung in the balance.


Before departing, the assailants silenced their victims by binding their mouths with tape and restraining their hands and legs. 


As they left, they inquired about the couple’s place of worship, expressing surprising admiration for the spiritual leader, Pastor E.A. Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. 


The attackers, speaking in coherent English, attributed their criminal actions to the prevailing societal conditions that had seemingly forced them down a path of crime.


Throughout the ordeal, the couple turned to prayer for solace and deliverance. Their fervent supplications were answered, sparing them from a fate that could have been far grimmer.


 Awoyinfa draws a stark contrast between divine intervention and the malevolent forces that threatened their lives.


The aftermath of the attack has left Awoyinfa and his wife grappling with a deep sense of trauma and anxiety. 


The haunting memories of that night play out relentlessly, inflicting sleepless nights and a psychological torment known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).


As Awoyinfa reflects on the chilling events, he expresses gratitude for the outpouring of support, prayers, and well-wishes from concerned individuals. 


However, he remains acutely aware of life’s fragility, acknowledging that unforeseen dangers may lie in wait for anyone.


In a heartfelt plea, Awoyinfa implores that no one should ever have to endure the horrors he and his wife faced.


 He prays that the shadow of evil does not darken anyone’s doorstep, urging compassion, understanding, and unity in the face of such unspeakable acts.


The chilling account of Awoyinfa’s birthday eve serves as a stark reminder of the fragile nature of existence and the resiliency of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable terror.


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