NLC Ends Warning Strike, Citing Progress On Subsidy Removal Issue

By Israel Adeleke

 The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has officially brought an end to its two-day warning strike today, urging its members across the nation to return to their duties.

 This development follows significant headway made in addressing the concerns that prompted the strike.

In a statement, NLC President Joe Ajaero expressed gratitude for the widespread participation of Nigerian workers in the strike action, which was initiated due to unmet agreements with the Federal Government regarding petrol subsidy removal. 

The strike had caused disruptions in economic and commercial activities across multiple states.

“We are pleased to report that, thanks to your unwavering commitment, we have achieved substantial progress towards the objectives outlined during our National Executive Council (NEC) meeting, which prompted the launch of this warning strike,” Ajaero stated.

He emphasized, “It is evident that our collective message has resonated strongly with the government, and only a truly inattentive ear would fail to acknowledge it.”

Ajaero, while marking the conclusion of the two-day nationwide warning strike at midnight today, urged workers to adhere to the initial agreement and return to work by tomorrow. 

This resolution signifies a pivotal step in the ongoing negotiations between the NLC and the government regarding the issue of petrol subsidy removal.

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