NLC Protest, Mere Distraction, Says Minister

NLC Protes,  Mere Distraction, Says Ministe

Kennedy-Ohanenye, has criticized the recent protest staged by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), denouncing it as a “mere distraction” from the critical issues facing the country.

Speaking at a press conference held in Abuja on Monday, Kennedy-Ohanenye emphasized the need for “constructive ways” to address the challenges plaguing the nation.

 She questioned the efficacy of the NLC protest, stating, “Now that NLC has gone out to protest, what have they done? It’s just a mere distraction of the federal government, but the kind of action that you people (Integrity Brigade) will take, you will see the effect.”

The minister urged a shift towards more effective and results-oriented approaches, emphasizing the importance of clarity in addressing the country’s issues. 

“Let’s focus on constructive ways of solving our problems by coming out bold and clear with what we want,” she declared.

Highlighting a positive initiative, Kennedy-Ohanenye announced that on March 7, President Bola Tinubu would unveil “PBAT cares for Nigerian women,” a program aimed at empowering women in the country. 

The minister disclosed plans to establish a body called the “Integrity Brigade,” tasked with ensuring that funds sourced by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for women and children are utilized for their intended purpose.

“The Integrity Brigade will ensure that any decision made concerning Nigeria must be the one to benefit Nigerians,” Kennedy-Ohanenye asserted. 

She revealed that President Tinubu had endorsed a mobile court to address minor issues of violence against women and children.

Underlining the importance of broad-based support, Kennedy-Ohanenye expressed her expectation that both royal fathers and religious leaders across the country, encompassing both Muslims and Christians, would join the Integrity Brigade.

 She clarified that the brigade’s primary objective is to guarantee that decisions and funds positively impact Nigerians.

“The Integrity Brigade will ensure that the federal government is not distracted but focused on its mandate of delivering good governance to the citizens,” Kennedy-Ohanenye concluded, highlighting the brigade’s commitment to transparency and accountability in utilizing resources for sustainable empowerment.

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