No Amount Of Anointing Can Fight Sexual Temptation, Says Adeboye

Daud Olatunji

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG),Pastor Enoch Adeboye,  has urged his followers to steer clear of sexual temptation,declaring  that no level of spiritual anointing can combat such challenges effectively.

Speaking at the recently concluded Ministers & Workers Conference of RCCG Americas 1, which encompasses North, Central, and Caribbean regions, Adeboye stressed  the persistent and pervasive nature of sexual immorality, even for seasoned ministers.

 The event, themed “The Glory Ahead,” saw Adeboye share personal insights and biblical anecdotes to drive home his point.

At 82, Adeboye revealed that he remains vigilant against sexual immorality, illustrating his stance with his own experiences. 

 “Somebody says, at your age, why are you still running? I run faster than before because the closer you get to the finishing point, the more careful you must be,” he stated.

Adeboye pointed to the biblical figure Samson, who despite his extraordinary anointing, fell victim to sexual immorality. 

“With all your anointing? Does anointing turn your body to stone? Samson was anointed. Single-handedly, he killed a thousand soldiers. A woman finished him. I hope the boys are listening,” he cautioned.

 “You see that woman smiling at you everywhere you go, she is there smiling, and she is not your wife, run,” he advised, stressing the importance of fleeing from potential sin.

Adeboye  urged the youths  to be vigilant against lust. 

He warned them to avoid situations that could lead to sin, offering practical advice wrapped in relatable scenarios. “And you girls, when you see a boy smiling at you saying, ‘Where have you been all my life? It looks as if the sun has just come out.’ He is calling you sunshine. By the time he finishes with you, you won’t even know the difference between sunshine and sunset. You may laugh but mark my words,” he said, reiterated  the need for discernment and caution.

 “I do warn my children, particularly the boys. I said if the devil comes against you, tell the devil to get lost, but when you see a girl smiling at you in a funny way, run because you can’t win the battle,” Adeboye concluded.

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