No Love Lost Between Host Communities, Institutions Fuels Insecurity – Ogun  CP

Daud Olatunji 

Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Alamutu, engaged in a crucial meeting with representatives of tertiary institutions in Ogun State to address the escalating security challenges on campuses. 

The focus of the discussion was the unfortunate incident at Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijagun, Ogun State, where female students fell victim to a disturbing act of rape.

Expressing concern over the incident, Commissioner Alamutu revealed that initial investigations indicated a palpable lack of harmony among the university, the student body, and the surrounding communities.

He attributed the major factors contributing to insecurity in tertiary institutions to the absence of a cordial relationship between the host communities and the schools.

“The disturbing fact is that there is no love lost among the university, the student body, and the communities,” stated Commissioner Alamutu.

He emphasized that this discord reflected flaws in the security arrangement at the institution.

In response to this, an elaborate meeting involving all institutions was proposed to prevent a recurrence of such incidents.

“We are actively working on the possibility of identifying and apprehending the culprits,” assured the Commissioner.

He went on to pledge that the outcomes of the investigation would be disclosed before the end of the month or, at the latest, by the first week of December.

He assured the public that those responsible for the heinous act would be arrested and duly prosecuted.

Highlighting the existing challenges, Commissioner Alamutu pointed out the isolation between communities and students, attributing it to a “lethargic disposition” arising from mutual misgivings.

Acknowledging the variation in challenges across institutions, he emphasized the need for active collaboration to address the issue effectively.

“We have received petitions from two institutions outlining the challenges and identifying the individuals involved. This valuable information will aid our ongoing investigations,” stated the Commissioner.

He urged a united front against the minute number of criminals who have infiltrated both student bodies and host communities, expressing confidence that active collaboration could effectively deal with this menace.

As the Commissioner assured that progress in the investigation would be transparent, he invited the public to verify the status of the case with the police command from the first week of December onward.

The call for collaboration and a renewed sense of unity among institutions, students, and communities echoed throughout the meeting as stakeholders aimed to restore a sense of security and trust within the educational landscape.

Dr. Goke Rauf, the Rector of DS Adegbenro ICT Polytechnic in Ewekoro, expressed his commendation for the efforts made by the Commissioner of Police to enhance the safety of people in and around campuses in Ogun state.

Dr. Rauf emphasized the necessity of such engagements, underscoring that they should be regular occurrences.

He pointed out that the current security challenges in tertiary institutions surpass those of the past, with students becoming more exposed, wiser, and notably, more technologically savvy.

“The children are getting much exposed; they are getting wiser, and in any case, they are more technology-savvy,” stated Dr. Rauf.

“To that extent, we expect that we should also be in tune with all that they want to do. If we are not, we would not be able to curtail the security excesses by these children.”

The Rector highlighted the importance of aligning security measures with the evolving nature of student behavior, particularly in the realm of technology.

He stressed that staying attuned to students’ activities is crucial to effectively addressing security concerns on campuses.

“In terms of management of security in tertiary institutions, what we have now is beyond what we have had in the past,” Dr. Rauf stated.

“The Commissioner of Police deserves commendation for recognizing this and taking steps to make life more convenient for people in and around our campuses.”

Dr. Goke Rauf concluded his remarks by urging continued collaboration between educational institutions and law enforcement agencies to foster a secure environment for students and the community at large.

The Commissioner of Police was praised for his proactive approach in mitigating security challenges and working towards a safer educational landscape in Ogun state.


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