Nollywood Heartthrob IK Ogbonna Reveals He’s Never Made Move In Love

In a candid revelation, renowned Nollywood actor Ikechukwu Ogbonna, better known as IK Ogbonna, confesses to having never initiated a romantic pursuit.

Ogbonna, previously married to Sonia Morales before their 2019 separation, boldly asserts that he has never approached a lady with romantic intentions. 

Sharing his perspective on the latest Petite Talks podcast episode, the charming actor unveils that his relationships have typically blossomed from friendships.

In his own words, he stated, “As amusing as it may sound, I’ve never attempted to woo a lady in my life. I don’t possess that skill. It’s not about being handsome. I believe it stems from my upbringing, surrounded by many female friends simultaneously. 

Most of my relationships evolved from friendships. We started as friends, developed feelings, and entered into relationships.”

However, Ogbonna does admit to indulging in playful banter with his ex-wife, Sonia Morales, on social media before they transitioned from acquaintances to a couple.

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