NSCDC Chief Orders Arrest Of Officers Over Assault On Man Accused Of “Manhood Theft”

Daud Olatunji

The Commandant-General of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Dr. Ahmed Abubakar Audi, has taken swift action in response to a shocking incident involving some of the Corps’ officers.

 These officers, belonging to the Provost Unit, have been ordered to face arrest and appear before a disciplinary committee for their alleged assault on a middle-aged man.

 The victim had been accused of stealing the “manhood” of two individuals in the Sauka area of Abuja.

The decision to apprehend these officers came after a viral video, shared on LEADERSHIP’s social media platforms, exposed the NSCDC personnel manhandling the accused man within the premises of the Corps’ national headquarters in Abuja.

CSC Babawale Afolabi, the Service spokesperson, acknowledged the unprofessional behavior of the officers involved. 

He further emphasized that the NSCDC’s Commandant-General strongly disapproved of such overzealous and unprofessional conduct by his officers, who are expected to maintain a civil approach when interacting with the public.

Afolabi stated, “The management of the Corps is aware and embarrassed by the widespread condemnation from concerned Nigerians who hold the integrity of the Corps in high regard. 

This is why the CG has called for the arrest of the officers involved for questioning and subsequent necessary actions.”

The NSCDC has initiated an investigation into the assault on the victim, and Afolabi assured the public that the errant Civil Defenders responsible for this incident would face appropriate consequences. 

He affirmed, “Be rest assured that all the officers involved in the unprofessional conduct will be dealt with accordingly.”

Meanwhile, The Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AfAW), a civil social organization, has called upon the Federal Government to intervene in the matter and arrest and prosecute the NSCDC officers who allegedly assaulted the man accused of “manhood theft.”

Citing the disturbing video footage of the incident shared by LEADERSHIP, AfAW highlighted that the NSCDC officers were seen physically abusing the man and demanding that he “return” the alleged stolen “manhood” without verifying the validity of the theft claim.

Leo Igwe, the leader of AfAW, emphasized, “The NSCDC officers acted unprofessionally and against the law. 

They did not make efforts to confirm the allegations or verify if the ‘manhood’ was stolen as claimed. Nigerian authorities should ensure that this incident never repeats itself anywhere.”

AfAW also urged the government to address institutional failures and implement programs to reorient its officers, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the law rather than religious beliefs and superstitions in their duties.

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