Obasanjo Urges Lions Club To Join Forces In  Battle Against Poverty

Muiz Adeyemi

In a compelling plea for unity and action, former President Olusegun Obasanjo implored members of Lions Clubs to throw their weight behind the government’s ongoing efforts to combat poverty and foster a community where every citizen experiences a genuine sense of inclusion. 

Obasanjo delivered this heartfelt message during the investiture ceremony of Lion Folashade Olaifa as the third President of Abuja Mega Lions Clubs District 404A2 in Nigeria, held in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) over the weekend.

Recognizing the Lions Club as a global humanitarian and philanthropic force, the former leader urged Lion Folashade Olaifa to mobilize members and make even greater sacrifices for the betterment of humanity. 

In a somber reflection on the country’s untapped potential, the revered Egba chief emphasized the need to transform Nigeria into a “land flowing with milk and honey,” rather than a land marred by poverty, aridity, unemployment, and insecurity. He envisioned a nation where compassion, solidarity, and shared responsibility thrived, ensuring that everyone played a meaningful role within the community.

In response, Lion Folashade Olaifa pledged her unwavering commitment to fostering unity and inclusivity within the club.

 She vowed to work tirelessly to ensure that the Lions Club continued to shine as a beacon of hope and inspiration, providing invaluable guidance in project planning, fundraising, and community engagement. 

She stressed the club’s rich history of aiding those in need and expressed her determination to uphold this legacy.

 Olaifa also highlighted the club’s motto, “We Serve,” as a powerful call to action, emphasizing its duty to make a positive impact, whether through education, healthcare, disaster relief, or other means. 

She recognized technology as a vital tool for the club’s growth and enhanced service delivery, reinforcing its role in transforming lives for the better.

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