Obasanjo Warns Of Economic Peril Due To Governance Failures 

Daud Olatunji

Former Nigerian President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, issued a stark warning about the dangers of bad governance, stressing its potential to dismantle even the most economically viable nations. 

Speaking at the Public Presentation of the book “In Brotherhood We Stand: A Roadmap for the Rebirth of a Fragmented Nation,” authored by Chris Okoye, Obasanjo highlighted the urgent need for structural reforms to fortify Nigeria’s democratic institutions and practices.

Obasanjo’s remarks, delivered at the ceremony in Enugu, Enugu State, underscored the profound impact of governance on a nation’s economic stability. 

The former president said this in a statement issued by his Special Assistant on Media ,Kehinde Akinyemi. emphasizing the intrinsic connection between effective governance and sustained economic growth.

He  cautioned  that systemic flaws in governance structures could undermine economic prosperity.

“The clarion call in Nigeria today is one for restructuring and a reassessment of the terms of our union as a nation,” 

Obasanjo declared. “No matter how economically viable a nation is, bad governance and a wrong system of administration can bring it down.”

Drawing on Nigeria’s historical experiences with constitution-making and political reform, Obasanjo highlighted the imperative of addressing structural defects inherited from colonial legacies. 

He stressed the need for grassroots participation in constitution-making processes to ensure inclusivity and equity, advocating  a system that embraces African communal values while upholding democratic principles.

In addition to his commentary on governance, Obasanjo took the opportunity to pay tribute to Chris Okoye on his 72nd birthday, praising Okoye’s contributions to Nigerian literature and national discourse.

 He commended Okoye’s books, including “In Brotherhood We Stand” and “Platinum Plaudits,” as insightful reflections of Nigeria’s sociopolitical landscape.

“This book may not be the total solution to Nigeria’s problems and challenges, but it will certainly be one of the sure guides for the Nigeria of our dreams.”

 Obasanjo remarked, referring to “In Brotherhood We Stand. Democracy and good governance are sustained when diverse voices like Okoye’s are heard and valued.”

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