OGSPAM Members Defect to NURTW, Endorse Yaro’s Leadership

Scores of members from the Ogun State Park Management (OGSPAM) have made a significant move by declaring their support for the leadership of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) under Alhaji Mustapha Ismaila, popularly known as Yaro.

This declaration was made evident as OGSPAM leaders across the state, including former heads of the body, pledged their loyalty to Mustapha Adewale Ismaila-led NURTW, thereby abandoning their former leader, Alhaji Akeem Abodurin popularly called Iyeru 

The shift in allegiance stems from a series of grievances expressed by the OGSPAM members, as voiced by Alhaji Haruna Adekunjo former Secretary of OGSPAM.

Adekunjo cited issues surrounding the distribution of resources, particularly  the challenges faced under Alhaji Akeem Bodunrin Iyeru  leadership.

 Alhaji Luqman Ajuwon further criticized OGSPAM’s lack of accountability and transparency, contrasting it with the structured regulations of the NURTW.

Alhaji Haruna Adekunjo in his remarks said “I was the Secretary of OGSPAM until Sunday, March 17, 2024. There was a little issue that happened between the securities at Eleweran.

“The securities have now started sharing ‘ in Ogun Central for Alhaji Akeem Bodunrin Iyeru. They shared Ogun East and Ogun West for Alhaji Ismail Yaro, the State Chairman National Union.

“But as for me, Alhaji Haruna, when we were called and explained to at Eleweran, immediately I told them I am not with Yeri anymore, because of all the challenges I faced there. I can’t say it all. 

“Also, Alhaji Luqman Ajuwon here also said the same thing for the CP. So we went to the Cyber Cafe to print in front of our two superiors. So the superiors in OGSPAM have another opinion, but we have now declared that we are no longer in the association, we are already in the National Union association, that our Governor, the blessed one.”

Also, Alhaji Adetola Dosunmu, former Secretary OGSPAM who  led other leaders from Ogun East to the NURTW Secretariat in Abeokuta, said “those who were at the secretariat are: Lukman Adenekan, Financial Secretary; Alhaji Olayinka Banjo, Assistant Secretary; Alhaji Rafiu Oduyiga, State Trustee; Kazeem Awofala, a.k.a Alatike, Ex-officio.

Speaking he said “My name is Sunday Ogunbiye, a.k.a Agaba from central, Àgbàdo (Àgbàdo crossing branch). We did numerous things, went through many problems for OGSPAM, but in the end, what do we get? Nothing. We benefited nothing! And we contributed a lot. 

“But we are not going with Yeri. Instead, we are with Yaro. There is nowhere I go that they do not respect me because of the National Union. But, if it was the OGSPAM, if I bring out my ID card, there is no respect.

“ That is the main reason I am leaving the association of OGSPAM for the National Union.”

Also speaking, Jimoh Rafiu from Isheri Garage,said “we are  no longer working with Iyeru anymore; the suffering is enough! He (Iyeru) and Gadaffi did not let us rest at all. They took everything. 

“We worked in order to overcome poverty, i.e., to feed our families. We are now with the National Union. Enough is enough!”

Alhaji Luqman Ajuwon in his remarks, said  “you see, what we are doing in that so-called OGSPAM is just like a friendship association; you know there is no accountability for the past 5 years, and we are making a lot of money. 

“There is no respect for any elderly people, and this National Union is a creation of law, and I am happy to come back to my house. This is our house, and it has rules and regulations; that is why.”

 Akeem Bankole, a.k.a Alameda the OGSPAM state treasurer, said “ Thank God, I have left OGSPAM over a year now because of the nonsense the Chairman was doing. 

“We were given that thing to share with all members. We never had  any statement of account; we never had any meeting. The initial reason we held a meeting is only when he needed money, and after that, the meeting is over. When I saw what was happening, I had to quickly leave the association. 

“And we stand for the central, i.e., the Egbas, and we work for the governor, almost all of us here have worked for the governor. But Yeru made everyone suffer.

When I realized I can’t take it anymore, to avoid violence. We thank Our Governor that returned our association, National Union because we thank Our Governor for our association.”

 Babatunde Fabiyi in his statement ,said “I am one of the members of OGSPAM. So because of all the riots going on right now, I have now joined the Association of National Union.”

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