Ogun CDA Chairman Expresses Displeasure Over Palliative Gesture


In a video circulating online, the Chairman of the Community Development Association (CDA) for Shokeye Estate in Ogun State, whose name remains undisclosed, has vehemently rejected a small bag of rice designated as a palliative for the entire community, deeming it an insult.

The CDA Chairman voiced his strong disapproval of the gift, raising concerns about how to fairly distribute the small bag of rice to the one hundred and forty-seven households within the estate. 

He highlighted that in Shokeye Estate, there are one hundred and forty-seven houses inhabited by families and tenants, expressing his bewilderment at how to allocate such a meager portion of rice among the residents.

He remarked, “They provided this rice as a palliative for the entire Shokeye Estate, where we have one hundred and forty-seven houses with families and tenants. I am baffled; this small bag of rice is insufficient for one hundred and forty-seven households in Shokeye Estate.”

Frustrated by the situation, he directly addressed the government, specifically Governor Dapo Abiodun, urging them not to impose such inadequate palliatives on communities, labeling it as an insult.

He emphasized, “We are not in dire need; we are not beggars. This offering doesn’t even amount to a single bag of rice; it’s not even half of one.”

The Chairman proceeded to offer some candid advice, suggesting that if proper provisions for palliatives were not available, the government should refrain from attempting to distribute them. He firmly stated, “We do not require your rice as a palliative; this is an affront.”

He also vowed to return the rejected rice to Dapo Abiodun and recommended that the governor offer it to his superior, Tinubu, to assist in providing for their children. He concluded, “We do not want this rice; if you intend to offer us palliatives, do not demean us. Shokeye Estate refuses to accept such an insult.”

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