Ogun  Enforces Environmental Standards, Shuts Three Industries 

Daud Olatunji

The Ogun State government has closed down three companies—Ruili Recycling Limited in Mowe, Robust International PTE Limited also in Mowe, and Star Pipe Limited in Sagamu,citing various environmental infractions.

Commissioner for Environment, Ola Oresanya, revealed that Ruili Recycling, a pet bottle recycling company, was found guilty of discharging waste and stormwater into their immediate environment, notably affecting Christopher University premises.

 The company failed to obtain drainage approval, leading to the exposure of students to potential dangers. 

Additionally, the company was burning solid wastes on-site, violating state environmental laws and posing risks to workers and nearby residents.

Regarding Robust International PTE, Oresanya disclosed that the company unlawfully demolished a fence, encroaching on Christopher University’s land and diverting stormwater to the institution’s premises.

Despite government directives for proper remediation, the company neglected compliance, prompting the government to take decisive action to protect the well-being of students and communities.

In the case of Star Pipe Limited in Sagamu, Oresanya stated that the company was closed down due to its refusal to install effluent treatment plants, leading to the discharge of raw and hydrochloric acid into the environment.

 This reckless practice resulted in the contamination of groundwater in nearby communities, rendering the water unsafe and unhygienic.

Commissioner Oresanya emphasized that the closure of these three companies is not intended to be permanent; rather, it serves as a measure to prompt corrective actions. 

The state government aims to ensure that the companies operate in alignment with global environmental standards adopted by Ogun State, emphasizing the commitment to a healthy and sustainable environment. 

The industries will remain shut until all identified lapses are rectified, reflecting the state’s dedication to upholding environmental excellence.

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