Ogun Housing Scheme Scandal: One Down With Stroke

Daud Olatunji

In a troubling development surrounding the Ogun State housing scheme, one of the applicants has reportedly suffered a stroke due to the ongoing delays in house allocations.

 This revelation came to light during a recent broadcast of “Oju-Awo,” a popular radio program anchored by Akinyemi Olatoye, also known as Alawiye Federation monitored by PLATFORM TIMES. 

The show featured an interview with Olumuyiwa Oludaisi, one of the 235 applicants still awaiting their promised homes since 2021.

Oludaisi, speaking passionately on the programme, recounted his frustrating experience with the housing scheme. 

He said “the government had a good intention for initiating that housing scheme programme. Those of us who could not afford the amount approached a Mortgage Bank for a loan. 

“Since 2021, I have still been paying the loan to the bank. This morning, I repaid some amount of money,” he shared.

 Oludaisi narrated how one of his acquaintances, who had also applied for the scheme, suffered a stroke due to the stress and uncertainty.

 “I encouraged some people to be involved in the scheme, but unfortunately, one of them was in the hospital and had a stroke because of this situation. He has paid for the housing but did not get the house,” he said.

Speaking further he said  “the tension among the applicants was further exacerbated by a recent statement from the Commissioner for Housing, Jagunmolu Jamiu, who attributed the delays to inflation.

 “We disagreed with him on that statement because we have been repaying since 2021, 2022, and 2023. Why did they not allocate our houses to us when others in phases one and two have already been given theirs? 

“We paid the same amount of money as other applicants in phases one and two who have collected their houses,” Oludaisi argued.

According to Oludaisi, there are 200 two-bedroom bungalows available, yet the government has failed to allocate them to the 235 waiting applicants. 

He expressed his dismay over the breach of the initial agreement, which promised each applicant a two-bedroom bungalow semi-detached carcass.

 “The agreement was for a two-bedroom bungalow semi-detached carcass.

“ We signed the agreement under the condition that the house would be empty. Each of the houses was supposed to have space for owners to expand, but this was not followed.There was no space. We don’t even bother; they should give us our houses.”

Oludaisi also took issue with the commissioner’s suggestion that the value of the houses had appreciated to N20 million, implying that the applicants should pay more. 

“What we don’t agree with the commissioner on is that we should add money to the amount already paid. We begged Governor Dapo Abiodun,” he said. “If I don’t want the house anymore, I will get N20m.

 “Those of us who have paid since 2021 are waiting to be called for the allocation. The rumour that the government wants to  persevere us. 

“What kind of perseverance are we going to give to the mortgage bank which gave us the loan?” Oludaisi questioned.

He urged the governor  to intervene and allocate the houses to the 235 applicants. “We beg Governor Dapo Abiodun to intervene in this matter.

“ There has been no meeting we have had with the government, but the statement released by the commissioner was the one that provoked us. We don’t need any meeting with the government. We need our houses because we have paid since 2021.”

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