Ogun Lawmaker, Afuape Sponsors Bills On Police Reform, Agricultural Development At National Assembly 

Daud Olatunji

A member of the House of Representatives representing Abeokuta South Federal Constituency, Hon. Afolabi Afuape, has taken decisive steps to address critical national issues by presenting two significant bills aimed at reforming agriculture and law enforcement in Nigeria.

PLATFORM TIMES gathered that the bills,  have been scheduled as items three and four on the Order Paper for Wednesday’s parliamentary session.

PLATFORM TIMES further gathered that these bills represent Hon. Afuape’s proactive approach towards addressing critical issues affecting the nation. 

The  breakdown of the proposed legislation revealed that National Farm Settlements Agency (Establishment) Bill, 2024 seeks to establish a specialised agency dedicated to advancing agricultural development across Nigeria. 

It was further gathered that the  primary objectives of this bill include promoting food security, fostering economic growth, and creating agro-allied industrial processing zones. 

These zones are envisioned to enhance value addition within the agricultural sector, thereby unlocking new opportunities for agribusiness throughout the country.

In his presentation, Hon. Afuape emphasised the transformative potential of the National Farm Settlements Agency, stating, “This bill is crucial for our agricultural sector’s growth. 

“By establishing these zones, we aim to not only ensure food security but also stimulate economic activities in rural areas.”

On the  Nigeria Police Act (Amendment) Bill 2024, he  proposes comprehensive revisions to the existing legal framework governing the Nigeria Police Force.

According to him, Its primary focus is on reforming community policing strategies to enhance community safety, foster trust between law enforcement agencies and local communities, and promote active community involvement in crime prevention efforts.

PLATFORM TIMES gathered that the amendment seeks to facilitate intelligence gathering and sharing mechanisms between communities and the police, aiming to build safer communities across Nigeria. 

Afuape stressed the urgency of these reforms, stating, “Effective community policing is essential for maintaining law and order. 

“This amendment aims to strengthen the partnership between our communities and the police, ultimately creating a safer environment for all Nigerians.”

PLATFORM TIMES gathered that following their introduction, both bills will undergo thorough scrutiny and deliberations within the legislative chambers. 

Stakeholders from agricultural sectors, law enforcement agencies, and civil society organisations are expected to actively engage in shaping the bills through consultations and expert inputs.

The legislative journey for these bills includes subsequent readings, committee reviews, and potential amendments to refine their scope and impact. 

 Afuape expressed optimism about the bills’ prospects, urging bipartisan support for their advancement towards becoming law.

PLATFORM TIMES observes that  Afuape’s introduction of these landmark bills underscores his commitment to driving sustainable development and security reforms in Nigeria. 

As the legislative process unfolds, these proposals have the potential to reshape Nigeria’s agricultural landscape and strengthen community safety measures nationwide.

It was further observed that the bills will continue to be a focal point of discussions and debates in the coming weeks, with the aim of enacting legislation that meets the needs and aspirations of all Nigerians.

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