Ogun League Of Imams, Alfas Calls For Equal Opportunities  In Government

Fawaz Adebisi


The League of Imams and Alfas in Ogun state has voiced their opposition to bias, demanding equal distribution of opportunities from the state government between the two prominent religions, Islam and Christianity, within the state.


Speaking during the state community Rabitah general meeting on Tuesday, Sheikh Tajudeen Adewunmi, the Secretary to the League of Imams and Alfas, called on the state government to refrain from bias and treat both prominent religions with fairness and equality.


He emphasized that the appointment of commissioners should be done equally, suggesting the selection of at least five from each religion.


“We want to see the government addressing the choice of commissioners and chairman parastatals. We seek an equal division of responsibilities within the state.


 His Excellency has been doing very well by us, but this time around, we want the governor to ensure that there are 5 commissioners for Christians and Muslims, as well as multiple chairmen of parastatals, for the sake of peace in the state,” he stated.


Adewunmi added that Muslim members are willing to cooperate and collaborate with the government, affirming that they will not disappoint.


Supporting this view, Quasim Sanusi, the Acting Chairman of the Directorate of Leadership and Good Governance under the League of Imams and Alfas in Ogun state, asserted that Muslims have not been treated fairly within the state.


 He pointed to the recent approval of Isese Day, highlighting the prolonged request for the declaration of Muharam day as a public holiday, a request yet to be granted by the state government.


Sanusi explained that just like Isese Day, the first day of Muharam is considered a new year for Muslims according to the hijrah calendar.


 He stressed the need for equal treatment, particularly with public holidays. 


He said, “Justice should be given and shared equally. If a public holiday was declared for their new year, we should also have one.


 “We follow the hijrah calendar and we have a first day of the year. Muharam first is the very first day. We have been saying it, but it has not been done, as it has been done in Osun State.”


Sanusi urged the state government to carefully consider representation in government appointments and position distribution, recognizing the Muslim bloc as a contributor to the state’s progress.


Among the other issues discussed was the acceptance of hijabs in schools. Sheikh Adewunmi called on the state government to promptly release a circular addressing this matter.


He said, “We want to ensure that the hijab case is finally settled. We need the circular on this issue from the government. Anything we do, we want to do peacefully. We don’t want anyone to disrupt the process.”


Imams from different parts of the state had previously convened to discuss the nation’s current situation, particularly in Ogun state.


The meeting saw the presence of three Imams representing three of the four zones in the state: Chief Imam of Ijebu Land, Sheikh Muftaideen Ayanbadejo; Chief Imam of Remo Land, Sheikh AbdulQuadr Junaid; and Chief Imam of Egba Land, Sheikh Saadallah Bamigbola, along with numerous other Alfas.


Associations such as FOMWAN, Ansarudeen, Nawarudeen, and Shamsudeen were also in attendance

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