Ogun LG Chairmen Cry Out: Zero Federal Allocation Leaves Communities Struggling

In a heartfelt plea, local government chairmen in Ogun State have voiced their concerns over the dire situation caused by the absence of federal allocations reaching their jurisdictions. 


The chairmen, led by Hon. Wale Adedayo of Ijebu East Local Government, penned an urgent letter to the revered statesman, Akinrogun Olusegun Osoba, appealing for intervention to rectify the longstanding issue.


Highlighting the constitutional obligation that mandates a portion of the state’s internally generated revenue and federal allocations to be allocated to local governments, the letter underscored the dire consequences of these funds being withheld. 


According to Adedayo, the failure to release these funds has resulted in halted developmental projects, dilapidated infrastructure, and an inability to provide essential services to local communities.


The letter also highlighted the historical context of the issue, pointing out that the practice of denying local governments their rightful funds began during the administration of former Governor Senator Ibikunle Amosun.


 The pretext of aiding financially challenged local governments to manage their responsibilities has been used to centralize funds, diverting them from their intended purposes.


The chairmen lamented that this funding crisis had affected their ability to fulfill their promises to constituents, leading to unfavorable outcomes in recent elections. 


They cited examples of missed opportunities for development, including inadequate roads, water scarcity, underfunded health centers, and struggling schools.


Former President Muhammadu Buhari’s intervention through palliatives, known as SURE-P, was meant to bolster local governments, but these funds allegedly never reached the intended recipients in Ogun State. 


The plight of these local governments is further compounded by the loss of revenue sources and control over essential services, which have been usurped by the state government.


The letter ended on a hopeful note, with the chairmen expressing their trust in the wisdom and experience of Akinrogun Olusegun Osoba to champion their cause.


 The call for urgent intervention serves as a poignant reminder that it is time for local communities to receive their rightful funds and resources to foster growth, development, and a better quality of life for their residents. 


The ball is now in the court of the authorities to address these concerns and pave the way for positive change in Ogun State.


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