Ogun Newscaster, Angel Ajayi  Shatters Records With 30-Day Yoruba News Marathon

Daud Olatunji

Jeleel Angel Ajayi, a seasoned newscaster at Family 88.5fm Abeokuta, has etched his name in the annals of Yoruba broadcasting by successfully completing a groundbreaking 30-day News-a- thon. 

Hailing from Imasayi in Yewa North local government area of Ogun State, Ajayi embarked on this ambitious journey on November 1, concluding it on Thursday, November 30.

The achievement marks a historic milestone in Yoruba newscasting, with Ajayi demonstrating unwavering dedication and resilience. 

Armed with degrees in Mass Communication and English Language Education from reputable institutions, Ajayi reflected on the challenge, describing it as “very challenging and tough.”

In an exclusive interview with PLATFORM TIMES, Ajayi shared insights into the grueling experience. 

He revealed, “The experience was terrible and not palatable. I don’t want to share it with the people so as not to discourage those who may want to take up such a challenge in the future. But, with faith, I conquered.”

Ajayi disclosed that there were moments of doubt and fatigue during the 30-day marathon, particularly on November 24 when he contemplated quitting. 

However, the support from colleagues and a visit from FIBAN representatives on November 28 provided the encouragement needed to persevere.

“I stayed indoors since October 30 and started November 1. I did not come out. I ate and drank but did not step out. I was also down a few days before the completion of the task, but I was encouraged,” he shared.

Despite the challenges, Ajayi emphasized the benefits of the News-athon, stating, “I gained a lot. I was current with happenings in the country. I had time to learn. I followed a lot of events that happened in the country.”

The ambitious endeavor commenced daily at 6:00 AM and concluded at 10:00 PM, encompassing morning, afternoon, and evening news segments. 

With a total dedication of 325 hours over 30 days, Ajayi led the entire news bulletin brigade, handling segments at 6:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 1:00 PM, 4:00 PM, and 10:00 PM.

Ajayi’s wife and mother, initially worried about the toll on his well-being, later softened as commendations poured in. 

Ajayi urged others to be hardworking, focused, and prayerful, emphasizing that the challenges were outweighed by the sense of fulfillment and knowledge gained.

In the realm of Yoruba newscasting, Jeleel Angel Ajayi’s 30-day News-athon stands as a testament to dedication, setting a new standard for aspiring

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