Ogun NITP Conducts 2023 Annual Meeting, Addresses Members’  Commitment, Participation


Fawaz Adebisi

 The Ogun State chapter of the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners (NITP) held its 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM) while addressing concerns regarding members’ commitment and participation in the organization’s activities.

This 18th general meeting, which took place on Wednesday, was held at the Waheed Kadiri House, NITP Ogun Secretariat, Ijeun Lukosi, Off Abiola Way, Abeokuta, Ogun State. 

The event attracted various dignitaries from different institutions, including past presidents of the NITP, such as Chief Francis Oyekunle, TPL Waheed Kadiri, TPL Francis Oyekunle, AGM chairman Adefala Sogbesan, guest speaker Prof. Grace Oloukoi, and outgoing chairman Oyenekan Odeyinka, as well as fellows of the institute, including G.A. Badejo, Ayola Adesanya, Rauf Oluwakemi, among others.

The theme, “Making your profession relevant is in your hands: strengthening your participation in your institute’s activities,” was thoughtfully discussed by the guest speaker, Prof. Oloukoi, who emphasized the importance of passion and participation in any profession.

She articulated, “The world is changing, and we need to adapt to these changes. 

We used to engage in comprehensive planning, but now, there is a need for emergency planning due to global changes. 

Our profession deals with the challenges of a volatile and uncertain world.

“To tackle the problems we face as town planners, we must think outside the box. Enhancing our public image, encouraging participation, and embracing organizational change are vital.”

Prof. Oloukoi also advocated for the use of the “degree of citizen power” method to increase participation among members and ensure accountability.

Furthermore, she highlighted the importance of professionalism and networking, as these factors contribute to the legitimacy of members. 

Prof. Oloukoi stressed the significance of participatory decision-making, inclusive operations, capacity building, and advocacy. 

These actions not only enhance the public image of the institute but also create awareness, generate interest, and have a social impact, earning respect.

She discussed the responsibilities and rights of members, stating, “Our rights include the ability to practice, vote, and be voted for. 

Our responsibilities include attending meetings, maintaining financial commitment, and bringing innovation to the table. 

We must uphold ethical standards and be politically articulate to avoid misuse and abuse by the ruling regime.”

Prof. Oloukoi encouraged members to work closely with the administration and highlighted the critical role of participation in any institution or body.

Oyeyinka Adenekan, the chairman of the state institute, echoed the importance of the theme. She expressed concern about the lack of participation among the younger members of the institute, thanking the guest speaker for her enlightening presentation and hoping for positive changes in this regard.

The AGM commenced immediately following the guest speaker’s address. During the meeting, TPL Joseph Adebowale, the state institute general secretary, TPL Oguntuyo Abosede, the financial secretary, and TPL Tunde Adegboyega, the auditor, presented their reports.

The general secretary’s report provided an overview of events during the outgoing administration, while the financial secretary explained the allocation of funds.

 The auditor’s report focused on the internal control review of cash disbursements within the institute.

In conclusion, the auditor’s report stated, “The cash disbursement process is reasonable, and the system of internal controls is acceptable, resulting in a SATISFACTORY audit rating.” 

The report also acknowledged the cooperation of the executive members during the audit process.

The meeting underscored the importance of fostering member participation, professionalism, and accountability within the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners, Ogun State Chapter.

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