Ogun NMA Celebrates Physicians’ Week, Holds Scientific Conference

Fawaz Adebisi & Israel Adeleke

The Ogun State chapter of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) celebrated its annual Physicians’ Week with a scientific conference on Tuesday, October 24, 2023. 

The conference, which held virtually, was themed “This is Our Chance To Get It Right in the Health Sector,” and was attended by over 30 physicians from different specialties and backgrounds.

The keynote speaker was the former honourable commissioner for health, Ogun State, Dr. Babatunde Ipaye, who is also a renowned public health expert.

Ipaye who spoke on the role of NMA in managing the theme, challenged the physicians to think and act differently in order to improve the health sector.

He highlighted the importance of leadership, partnership, people management, and strategic thinking as key factors for achieving positive change.

He urged the physicians to create a sense of urgency for change, build capability to change, focus on the results, and adopt values that will stand them out.

Also, he said that physicians should leverage on resources external to the health sector and undertake actions that bridge the present to the future.

He also emphasized the need for physicians to empower people, demonstrate availability and ability, and leave a legacy of embedded capability.

Dr. Ipaye said that leadership requires high emotional intelligence and people leadership skills.

He also advised the physicians to respect each other, manage other resources in the course of production or services, and stop the culture of individualism.

He said that group practice should be encouraged and trust should be a basic element required for business and partnership to thrive.

He further advised the physicians to develop or outsource capacity for cooperative agreement, mutual interest, reasonable alliance, and partnership with governments.

Other speakers at the conference were Dr Yakubu Agada-Amade, and Dr Adesola Oyelese.

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