Ogun NMA Expresses Outrage As Governor Lists Hazard Allowance As Fuel Subsidy Palliative Measures

The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) in Ogun State has vehemently criticized the state  Governor, Dapo Abiodun’s inclusion of hazard allowance within the roster of palliative measures introduced in response to the fuel subsidy removal.



The NMA, denouncing this move as “insulting,” has raised the stakes by warning of potential withdrawal of doctors and health workers from government hospitals across the state due to unpaid hazard allowances.

Governor Abiodun’s administration had previously unveiled a series of palliatives aimed at mitigating the impact of the fuel subsidy removal on civil servants, pensioners, and the populace at large.


These measures encompassed a monthly allocation of N10,000 to civil servants and pensioners, along with hazard allowances for healthcare personnel and food palliatives for vulnerable citizens.

Dr. Kunle Ashimi, the NMA State Chairman, delivered a stark condemnation of the governor’s approach during a press briefing held as part of the 2023 Annual General Meeting and scientific conference of the association in Abeokuta.


Expressing astonishment, he highlighted that hazard allowance had been declared by Abiodun since March, yet remained unpaid.

Ashimi underscored the intrinsic right of medical workers to hazard allowance, stressing that the matter would be discussed during the forthcoming NMA’s AGM, with the possibility of decisive actions being taken, including ratifying the withdrawal of services as initiated by the State Executive Council (SEC).

Addressing the controversy, Ashimi stated, “We are not begging the government for money.


We are demanding what is rightfully ours, and so they should not present it as if they are palliative… We are asking for what is validly our own rights.”

The NMA Chairman further illuminated the strain placed on the health sector due to the migration of doctors from both state and federal health facilities as well as the private sector.


This exodus has precipitated increased pressure on the remaining health workers, amplifying the urgency of addressing the unpaid hazard allowances.

Emphasizing the critical nature of the matter, Ashimi also voiced support for the demands of the National Association of Resident Doctors who are currently engaged in a strike.

Additionally, Ashimi drew attention to the importance of prioritizing mental health amidst the prevailing challenges of rising living costs and economic hardships across Nigeria.

The clash between the Ogun NMA and the state government casts a spotlight on the critical issue of hazard allowance for medical professionals, underscoring the significance of fair compensation and supportive policies for those on the frontlines of healthcare.

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