Ogun NYSC Holds Cultural Day, Harps On Cultural Diversity

The National Youth Service Corps, Ogun State Orientation Camp recently played host to a vibrant Cultural Carnival, serving as a shining beacon of Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage.

 The event, which took place at the Parade Ground of the Sagamu Orientation Camp, saw all 10 platoons enthusiastically showcasing various aspects of Nigerian culture, ranging from dance and cuisine to traditional attire and marriage customs.

Sponsored by NOMBA Micro Finance Bank and MEGA THANDY LOUNGE, the Cultural Carnival formed an integral part of the Orientation Programme, aimed at exposing Corps Members to the diverse tapestry of cultures within Nigeria.

 State Coordinator, Mrs. Olayinka Diana Nasamu, emphasized the importance of embracing cultural diversity as a means of fostering unity and understanding among Corps Members. 

Her impassioned speech inspired attendees to appreciate and respect each other’s cultures, viewing them as pillars of Nigeria’s national identity.

The highlight of the event was the competition segment, where each platoon competed to showcase the most compelling representation of Nigerian culture.

 Platoon 9’s stunning portrayal of the Lagos (eyo) culture earned them the prestigious first-place position, accompanied by a prize of 100,000 naira. 

Platoon 5’s captivating presentation of the Igba culture secured them the second spot, with a prize of 70,000 naira, while Platoon 1’s vibrant showcase of Yoruba culture claimed the third position, earning them a prize of 50,000 naira.

Following the festivities, an after-party provided Corps Members with an opportunity to relax and bond, further solidifying the sense of camaraderie within the camp community.

Overall, the Cultural Carnival at the NYSC Ogun State Orientation Camp was a resounding success, serving as a testament to the beauty and richness of Nigeria’s cultural diversity.


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