Ogun PDP Slams Abiodun Govt For ‘Slumbering’ Over Responsibilities

Daud Olatunji

The People Democratic Party (PDP) in Ogun State has launched scathing criticism against Governor Dapo Abiodun, accusing his administration of neglecting its duties and allowing the state to deteriorate into a haven of crime.

In a statement released by the state Publicity Secretary, Akinloye Bankole, titled “Ogun Becoming Haven of Crimes As Abiodun Resumes Voyage of Slumber,” the PDP highlighted a surge in criminal activities, particularly violent cult killings, since the governor’s reelection was affirmed by the Supreme Court on January 19, 2024.

The opposition party lamented the sorry state of road infrastructure across the state, alleging that numerous projects have been abandoned, contributing to the deteriorating conditions.

Furthermore, the PDP criticized the lack of transparency in the Abiodun-led government, citing the failure to disclose project expenditures and the absence of comprehensive palliative measures to alleviate the economic hardships faced by citizens.

While acknowledging the provision of a N10,000 palliative for civil servants, the PDP chastised the government for not implementing more sustainable measures akin to initiatives in Lagos State, such as the “Ounje Eko” program aimed at reducing food prices by 25%.

The statement urged the government to prioritize collaboration with neighboring economically viable states, particularly in the agricultural sector, rather than relying solely on handouts.

The PDP emphasized the importance of addressing neglected public infrastructure and called for greater accountability in the allocation of state resources.

The opposition party warned against the government’s distractions and urged a focus on areas of public good to prevent further neglect and deterioration.

The statement read partly,  “It is abundantly registered in the consciousness of the public that the Ogun State government under Mr. Abiodun has gone to sleep since it was inaugurated for an undeserved second term in office.

“ As usual, the State government is currently on voyage of deliberate slumber and that explains why all the low moments and known serial failures that signposted the administration between 2019 and 2023 are beginning to rear their monstrous heads yet again. 

“A close attention to recent developments even in the media space steadily confirms that there seems to be a renewed wave of crimes, particularly violent cult killings among the youth; not only within Abeokuta metropolis but across the entire State.

“It is really sad that under a supposed democratically elected Governor who publicly swore before Almighty God and men to protect lives and properties, Ogun State has completely developed a notorious reputation of being an unmanned haven of cultism and violent cultists engagement where life is brutish, nasty and short just as the Hobbessian State of Nature.

“Another major area of needless failure of the government is its penchant for celebrating 10k handouts to the civil servants as palliative measures in cushioning the avoidable economic hardship brought on innocent Nigerians by the ruling APC government. 

“Before now, it is on good record that the PDP has  always encouraged the ruling government to come down from its high horse and begin to understudy sensible initiatives like the Lagos’s “Ounje Eko” which is designed to make staple foodstuffs available to a cross section of the public at 25% off the regular market prices instead of reducing the good people of Ogun State to beggers who depend only on handouts.

“At times such as this, what a forward-looking government does is to strike a collaborative partnership with economically viable neighbours such as Lagos, given its proximity, especially in the agricultural sector of its economy. It is only a lazy government that receives its monthly allowance only to share to its citizens.

“Again, another decent way of providing acceptable palliative for the people is by making our roads and other public infrastructures pliable. All abandoned road infrastructures scattered all around Ogun State must receive a new lease of intense attention and rehabilitation. 

“Ogun citizens and residents would not be carried away by the cosmetic distractions and frivolities being embarked upon by the government while all areas of public good suffer unpardonable neglect. As a matter of fact, it is important to remind the government that its refusal to make the details of the State’s finances public is not unnoticed.

“ The government must be prepared to answer questions on the amount of resources that is budgetted for the procurement of awards and other laughable laurels. After all, every government is, and must be answerable to the people, its employers.”

When contacted for reaction, the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Lekan Adeniran had yet to respond to the message sent to his mobile phone as of the time of filing this report.


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