Ogun Residents Urge Urgent Govt. Action Over  Ilaro Collapsed Bridge

In a distressing turn of events, the Odo Fufu road bridge in Ilaro has crumbled, leaving residents of this community in dire need of government assistance. 

The bridge, which once facilitated smooth travel for students and residents alike, was washed away by heavy rains over the weekend, necessitating immediate attention.

The Fufu stream bridge, a vital connection within the town, has now become a perilous gap that residents have blocked off to prevent accidents.

 Desperate for a solution, the community is calling upon both the state and federal governments for aid.

Jerry Kusoro, a concerned resident, expressed his worry about the current state of the bridge, saying, “The Double crown/Odo Fufu/Hosanna bridge’s condition has made daily commuting for residents even more complicated. People will now have to find alternative routes, adding stress and financial burden.”

Kusoro appealed to the government led by Governor Dapo Abiodun to urgently address this pressing issue, emphasizing the need for a prompt solution to the deteriorated Tunde Ibikunle Road.

Amos Oguns, a native of Ilaro, highlighted Senator Olamilekan Adeola’s previous commitment to repairing the road through the ecological fund. 

He urged the senator to expedite the process, stating, “The road has completely collapsed, and we need the state government’s assistance. This is a state road.”

With schools set to reopen soon, Mr. Tunji Alabi emphasized the impact of the road’s closure on students and teachers who rely on it for access. 

He pleaded with the government to take swift action to avoid further disruptions, particularly in light of the recent fuel subsidy removal.

This crisis follows a vehicle plunging into the stream in July 2023 due to a road collapse during heavy rainfall.

 Meanwhile, Governor Abiodun has indicated that road renovations have commenced across the state, but the Ilaro community anxiously awaits assistance for their pressing concern.

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