Ogun School Triumphs Over 600 Competitors From Lagos, Oyo, More: Al -Hudah Model College  Shines

Daud Olatunji

In a remarkable showcase of academic prowess, a private school in Ogun state has  emerged victorious in a groundbreaking inter-state educational competition organized by  Erudyte Global Edutainment Limited .

In a remarkable display of educational enthusiasm, over 600 schools from Ogun, Lagos, and Oyo states came together for a highly anticipated competition, attracting a staggering 2,150 students. 

The event showcased the academic prowess and competitive spirit of the region as these young scholars vied for top honors. 

The competition promises to be a testament to the rich talent pool in the participating states.

 The event,  marked the organization’s first-ever inter-state programme. 

Erudyte Global Edutainment Limited, led by President Showunmi OluwaSeyi Olasunkanmi, is dedicated to rekindling the culture of reading and unlocking students’ maximum potential through academic merit awards and scholarships.

The competition, held for the first time on an inter-state scale, aimed to expose students to a positive academic environment and motivate them to excel in their studies. 

It brought together students from Ogun, Lagos, and Oyo states to showcase their intellectual abilities and compete in various categories.

The maiden edition of the inter-state competition unfolded in stages, beginning in January with preliminary rounds in different schools.

 These preliminary rounds were followed by semi-final competitions at the state level, ultimately culminating in the grand finale of the inter-state contest.

In the vocabulary development category, Muhammed Mariam Oluwasemilore, a student of Al Huda Model College, Abeokuta emerged as the champion, securing the first position. 

Asubiaro Aishat Akorede, also from Al Huda Model College, claimed the first runner-up position in this category.

Additionally, the competition featured mathematics contests for both senior and junior students. Salam Arafa Adefunke, a student of Al Huda Model College, distinguished herself by securing the first position in the senior mathematics category.

She was awarded a scholarship of one hundred thousand naira to support her academic journey, covering school fees, textbooks, and related expenses.

The competition’s prizing structure offered significant incentives to the participants, with the first-place winners receiving one hundred thousand naira, the second-place winners earning fifty thousand naira, and the third-place winners receiving thirty thousand naira.

The fourth position was rewarded with a prize of N30,000.

Erudite Global Edutainment Limited, through this competition, sends a powerful message to the governments of Ogun, Lagos, and Oyo states.

 It highlights the critical need for timely programs that can inspire and motivate students to focus on their studies and cultivate a habit of reading. 

By fostering an environment that encourages academic excellence, the organization aims to enhance the overall educational performance of students and provide them with valuable educational opportunities.

Despite the challenging landscape of educational funding, with few corporate entities showing interest, the competition found a partner in MTN. 

The telecommunications giant has come on board to offer full support to the event, further strengthening Erudite’s mission to promote academic excellence and elevate the culture of reading among students.

Erudyte Global Edutainment Limited has set a remarkable precedent with this inaugural inter-state competition, shining a spotlight on the importance of academics and providing a platform for students to showcase their intellectual talents.

Also, the event evolves, promises to be a beacon of hope and encouragement for students across the region, setting a standard for excellence in education.


Al Hidah College Chairman Celebrates Students’ Victory, Shares Vision For Future.

In an exclusive interview, Kehinde Monsuru Owolabi, the Chairman of Al Hudah College, shared his thoughts on the recent victory of the school’s students and discussed the institution’s journey and aspirations.

Mr. Owolabi began by expressing his delight and happiness over the school’s recent victory, which was evident in the jubilant atmosphere surrounding the school. 

He highlighted the sense of accomplishment that the school community felt, marking the achievement as a momentous occasion.

When asked about his message to parents to encourage their children to take education seriously, Mr. Owolabi stressed the importance of regular school fee payments and active parental involvement. 

He urged parents to support their children with their assignments and extended his gratitude to those parents who had actively contributed to the school’s success.

Reflecting on the school’s journey, Mr. Owolabi attributed their success to the grace of Almighty Allah. 

He mentioned that Al Hudah College had modest beginnings in a rented apartment in Oke Aregba, but through dedication and faith, they had reached their current state. 

He shared his hope for the future, mentioning that the school had secured a permanent site in Odeda, where they intended to build a residential school.

He expressed optimism about achieving more significant milestones in the future.

In response to a question about the challenges private schools face, Mr. Owolabi highlighted the lack of financial support from the government. 

He mentioned that despite the fact that they educate students who are also part of Ogun State, private schools often receive no assistance or funding from the government. 

To address this issue, he called upon the government to provide land and support to private schools to enable them to continue delivering quality education and making a positive impact on society.

He also expressed his gratitude for the school’s journey so far and looked forward to a promising future, provided that private schools like Al Hudah receive support from the government.


Why We Celebrated  Our Champions -Principal 

In a jubilant event held at the heart of Ogun State, the Adegboyega Musliu Biodun School recently hosted an exuberant celebration to honor their brilliant students who had excelled in the inter-state competition of vocabulary development and mathematics. 

The competition, organized by Erudyte Global Edutainment Limited, attracted participants from various states, including the bustling metropolises of Lagos and Oyo.

Principal Adegboyega Musliu Biodun was brimming with pride as he shared the school’s journey in the competition. He began by recounting the humble origins of the students’ participation, noting that it all started at the local government level.

 The students’ remarkable performance in this initial phase earned them a spot in the Ogun State competition, where they once again stood out. But it didn’t stop there, as they went on to compete with students from other states.

“From this school, we have three of them,” Principal Adegboyega proudly declared. “One of them is the overall winner for vocabulary development.”

When asked how he felt about this achievement, the principal stressed the importance of his physical presence at the event. He explained, “It is not the manner of feeling.

” I was there because I had to monitor the program. I was monitoring it at home, but when it got to the level where I had to be there, I had to go there to look at things myself.”

However, the path to victory was not without its challenges. Principal Adegboyega revealed that some teachers from another school attempted to influence the outcome of the competition.

 “We have some teachers from another school that wanted to influence the outcome,” he stated, “but we had to make our stand firm so that another person is not declared the winner. With how things went on, they really appreciated the effort of our students.”

He attributed the victory to the joint effort of dedicated teachers and eager-to-learn students.

“It was the result of effort that was already in place by the teachers because this success can never be recorded without the effort of the teachers. 

The students, too, are ready to learn, or else they cannot achieve this excellent performance.”

Principal Adegboyega concluded with a message to the government.

“I just hope that when the government sees the outcome of this competition, they will have to support the organizers so that similar programs can be held for public schools. It’s essential to provide opportunities like this to nurture and showcase the talents of our students.” 

The event was not just a celebration of champions but a call for continued support and investment in education for all.

… Dedication, Faith In Education Lead To Students’ Victory

In a heartwarming, Mrs. Alogi Mutiat, a dedicated mathematics and basic science teacher, expressed her elation as her students achieved a resounding success in a recent academic competition.

 Mrs. Alogi, who has been a part of the school since 2019, spoke with pride and gratitude, emphasizing that the triumph was a testament to the students’ hard work and a touch of divine grace.

With humility, Mrs. Alogi emphasized that the success wasn’t solely due to their efforts but was a result of unwavering determination and faith.

 She took this opportunity to encourage her students to be more studious and resolute in their pursuit of knowledge.

 “There’s nothing that’s impossible,” she declared, imparting a message of hope and inspiration.

Reflecting on the journey, Mrs. Alogi shared that the competition had its share of challenges. She clarified that the victory marked the fourth level, not the fifth, in their academic journey. 

The school acknowledged the teachers’  commitment to preparing her students for this milestone which was described as   evident.

She stressed the importance of both teachers and parents working together for the students’ success. 

“The school can’t achieve great things if parents don’t provide their unwavering support,” she noted.

She recounted a time when she had to reach out to a parent, and the parent’s initial response was that their child was preparing for an external exam and should reconsider participating in the competition. 


Another teacher,  Bakare Soyemi Fadhilat, an English and literature teacher at the school, expressed her immense joy and confidence following the remarkable victory of the students in an inter-school competition.

As the news of their triumph spread, Bakare Soyemi Fadhilat couldn’t contain her excitement. “I know we are winners, and we would always be, so I’m not that scared, and I’m very sure they would always be on top,” she said with a beaming smile. 

Her unwavering faith in the students’ abilities was evident as she shared her thoughts on the victory.

Upon reflection, Fadhilat revealed that her immediate response to the win was to offer a sujud (a form of Islamic prayer) as a sign of gratitude to the Almighty Allah.

 She emphasized that their success could not have been possible without divine intervention, stating, “nothing can come without the help of Almighty Allah. So the only thing we need to do is just appreciate Him.”

The competition, which witnessed the participation of numerous schools from different states, was a platform where their students had the chance to shine. 

Soyemi  acknowledged the skepticism surrounding her school’s English-speaking abilities, but she proudly exclaimed, “Alhamdulillah, we won in English and Mathematics.

” This achievement held significant importance for her, and she expressed her gratitude, saying, “there’s nothing better than that, so we appreciate Allah for that.”

Soyemi also extended her prayers to the parents of the victorious students, recognizing their role in supporting their children’s participation in the competition. 

“We pray that Almighty Allah should continue to enrich the pocket of their parents, because they pay for the form, they assisted them in different ways,” she conveyed.

With humility and wisdom, the dedicated teacher urged the school to acknowledge and appreciate their teaching staff, as their unwavering commitment was an essential factor in the students’ success.

 “And I also pray that the school should try as much as possible to encourage the teachers and show more appreciation  to the teachers, because if they are not doing what they were supposed to be doing, they may not be able to achieve this, so more appreciations to the teachers,” she emphasized.

In her final words, Soyemi  appealed for the growth of knowledge among the students, seeking the guidance of Allah in their educational journeys.

 “And we pray to Allah to increase the knowledge of the children too,” she concluded with a hopeful tone, epitomizing the dedication and passion of educators who inspire and uplift their students.

The school honoured both the champions and some teachers for the sterling performance .

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