Ogun So-Safe Corps Recovers Stolen Car During Dramatic Encounter As Suspected Thieves Flee

Daud Olatunji

In a dramatic turn of events, officers from the Ogun State Government-owned So-Safe Corps have successfully recovered a stolen vehicle during a face-off with suspected car thieves in the Ado-Odo area.

The official statement from the Office of the State Commander of the Corps, led by Soji Ganzallo, recounts the extraordinary events that unfolded in the early hours of Saturday, October 14. 

While on their routine patrol in the vicinity of Olorunleke Community, officers from the Ado-Odo Division spotted a group of individuals inside a Mercedes Benz vehicle.

The spokesperson for So-Safe, Moruf Yusuf, revealed that the officers had grounds for suspicion concerning the occupants of the 2019 white Benz DL 450 4Matic car, marked with the registration EKY 520 JA. 

Upon approaching the vehicle and questioning its ownership, the occupants, sensing trouble, made a swift escape from the scene.

Soji Ganzallo, the head of So-Safe, elaborated that critical documents discovered in the car unequivocally pointed to the fact that this vehicle had been forcibly taken from its rightful owner at gunpoint in Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo State. 

To further compound the gravity of the situation, another license plate, bearing the registration AKD 144 AC, was concealed within the vehicle, raising even more suspicions.

In a bid to ensure that justice prevails, the recovered vehicle was promptly handed over to the local police authorities at the Ado-Odo Divisional Headquarters. 

Here, it will undergo thorough investigation as law enforcement agencies work diligently to unearth the full scope of the criminal activities linked to this stolen vehicle.

The remarkable efforts of the Ogun State So-Safe Corps serve as a testament to their commitment to safeguarding their communities and maintaining law and order. 

This incident exemplifies their dedication to upholding the security of their region and their ability to recover stolen property, no matter the circumstances.

While the suspects may have evaded capture during this incident, the recovery of the stolen vehicle sends a clear message that criminal activities will not go unpunished in Ogun State. 

It also stands as a reminder that So-Safe Corps remains vigilant, ready to face any challenge to protect the people of the state and their property

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