Ogun Students Unveil Artificial Intelligence Marvel, ‘Kiki-Saggy’ Robot

In a remarkable feat of innovation, students from the Federal Government Girls’ College (FGGC) Sagamu, Ogun State, have introduced the world to ‘Kiki-Saggy,’ an extraordinary AI robot. 


This cutting-edge project, nurtured by the collaborative efforts of 10 students and dedicated staff members, was recently revealed to David Adejo, the Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Education, in Abuja.


Hailing from both junior and senior classes, these young innovators proudly shared that their journey in crafting the AI robot spanned an impressive seven months.


 ‘Kiki-Saggy’ stands as a testament to their ingenuity, capable of conversing, moving, and even making gestures.


 With a towering height of six feet, a weight of 60kg, and a top speed of 10km per hour, the AI creation showcases their deep dive into artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Reflecting on their success, the students attributed their achievement to the guidance of their educators. Dr. Muyibat Olodo, the school principal and leader of the robotics team, played a pivotal role in nurturing their talents. 


Additionally,, a capacity-building organization fostering innovation through emerging technologies, lent crucial support.


During the unveiling ceremony, Olodo underscored the role of technology in kindling innovation, offering students a pathway to an illuminated future. 


She highlighted how these futuristic disciplines empower students, honing their creativity, problem-solving abilities, and technical prowess.


Delving into the journey of creating ‘Kiki-Saggy,’ the girls recounted facing formidable challenges encompassing intricate coding, financial constraints, technical glitches, hardware integration, and more. 


However, their resilience in overcoming these hurdles not only enriched their learning experiences but also yielded rewarding outcomes.


As they set their sights on the future, the girls expressed their aspirations for federal support to enhance ‘Kiki-Saggy’ further, exemplifying how nurturing such talent can lead to even greater achievements.


The panorama of robotics technology is evolving rapidly, embracing more advanced sensors, actuators, and AI algorithms. 


These innovations empower robots to navigate intricate environments, perform delicate tasks with finesse, and progressively learn from their interactions.


Furthermore, collaborative robots, or cobots, are making headway as they seamlessly collaborate with humans, elevating productivity and safety across industries.


 With continuous research and development, the horizon of robotics technology appears auspicious.


Beyond mere technical proficiency, robotics is now delving into the realm of human emotions. 


Robots are evolving to comprehend and respond to human sentiments, enriching their potential for personalized assistance, companionship, and caregiving.


 This burgeoning convergence between technology and empathy holds the potential to augment human well-being in profound ways.


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