Ogun Tech Community, EduTAMS Seek Tech Enthusiasts For Funding

Enoch Oyedibu & Jelili Gbadamosi

In a bid to revolutionise  Ogun State’s digital landscape, the Ogun Tech Community (OTC), in partnership with EduTAMS Foundation, is actively seeking innovative tech enthusiasts for funding. 

This initiative, unveiled during the community’s inaugural roundtable discussion themed “Innovation & Excellence,” aims to propel the region towards technological advancement on both local and national scales.

President of OTC, Adekunle Durosinmi, expressed optimism about the potential impact of this endeavor, emphasising  the need for groundbreaking ideas to shape the state’s digital future.

 He underscored the importance of collaboration and out-of-the-box thinking in driving positive change within the community.

Engr Femi Williams, Chairman of OTC’s Board of Trustees, highlighted the community’s unique position as Nigeria’s premier structured tech ecosystem, poised to pioneer indigenous technological innovations. 

Williams envisioned OTC as a breeding ground for future tech professionals capable of developing Nigeria’s own versions of global tech giants.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of government support, Williams urged authorities to repurpose existing infrastructure, such as libraries, into functional workspaces for tech enthusiasts. 

He emphasized the revenue-generating potential of such initiatives, advocating for a symbiotic relationship between the government and the tech community.

Honourable Kehinde Shogunle, a key figure in Ogun State’s technological development, stressed the importance of embracing technology to propel progress. 

He envisioned a future where technology and education intersect, advocating for initiatives like “teaching and technology in Yoruba” to bridge the digital divide.

Dr. Kunle Ashimi, Chairman of the National Medical Association and a tech enthusiast, lauded the initiative as a gateway to opportunity for Ogun State’s youth.

 He highlighted the vast potential of the state’s digital ecosystem and encouraged young innovators to seize the moment.

Dr. Ademola Adenubi, Founder and CEO of EduTAMS Foundation, announced a N25 million grant to support tech startups in Ogun State, further underscoring the commitment to nurturing local talent.

 He urged youth to view technology as a pathway to a brighter future, emphasising  the need to focus on innovation rather than quick financial gains.

The event also shed light on the challenges facing Ogun State’s tech ecosystem, particularly inadequate power supply and infrastructure. 

Durosinmi highlighted the urgent need for government intervention to address these issues and ensure the region’s competitiveness in the digital age.


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