Osun Deputy Governor  supports Traditional Oath Taking With Cutlasses, Guns For Politicians

The Deputy Governor of Osun State, Kola Adewusi, has sparked controversy by suggesting that politicians should consider taking their oath of office using traditional symbols like cutlasses and guns. 

Adewusi made these remarks during the inauguration of the Executive Committee of the Traditional Religion Worshippers Association in Osun State (TRAWSO) on Tuesday.

Representing the Deputy Governor at the event, the Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Abiodun Ojo, conveyed Adewusi’s sentiments, stating that employing traditional oath-taking practices could potentially combat corruption within the political system. 

Ojo emphasized that if utilizing traditional symbols such as guns and cutlasses could lead to a more ethical society, it’s a concept worth exploring.

Dr. Oluseyi Atanda, re-elected Chairman of TRAWSO, echoed similar sentiments, urging politicians to embrace traditional oath-taking ceremonies as a means to deter corruption. 

Atanda challenged political leaders to reconnect with their cultural heritage and embrace traditional practices, emphasising that traditional oath-taking is not inherently nefarious but rather a reflection of cultural values.

PLATFORM TIMES reports that the  suggestion by the Deputy Governor has ignited debates across the state, with some viewing it as a radical yet innovative approach to tackle corruption, while others express concerns about the implications of introducing weapons into the oath-taking process.

Critics argue that such a proposal may undermine the sanctity of the political office and promote violence in governance, while supporters believe it could instill a greater sense of accountability among politicians.

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