Osun Govt Faces Public Backlash Over New Logo Design

Sodiq Mojibola

In less than 24 hours after the debut of Osun State’s new official logo, the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) and online users have voiced dissatisfaction with both the design and the government’s endorsement.

Unveiled via a news release on the X app from the Osun State Government’s verified account, the logo was hailed as a “signal of new rebirth for Osun state.”

At the time of reporting, the post had attracted 64 reposts, 799 quotes, and 174 likes.

According to the news release, Governor Ademola Adeleke expressed his delight in signing the logo into law, emphasizing its representation of Osun’s heritage, values, and tradition. He further touted its educational value for younger generations and its potential as a marketing tool for the state.

However, the NNPP of Osun State strongly criticized the logo, labeling it a public embarrassment.

Dr. Tosin Odeyemi, the party’s chairman, condemned the design, asserting that it had subjected the state to ridicule on social media platforms. He called for the immediate withdrawal of the logo to salvage the state’s reputation.

Dr. Odeyemi emphasized, “The new logo is an embarrassment to us in Osun. Who was responsible for its creation? Didn’t Governor Adeleke review it before approving the bill? Osun has become a subject of mockery online since its unveiling.”

“With an array of technologically inclined youths we have in Osun State that can come up with good designs, how could a state government unveil such a poorly designed logo?

“Osun has become a laughing stock on different social media since the unveiling of the design.

“What happened to the original logo being used since the creation of Osun state? We all spoke against it when the administration of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola designed a new logo for the state and abandoned the one in use before he came into office as Governor. The one we have now is however worse compared to the one given the state by Aregbesola.

“For those that have ears in this government, a drastic step needs to be taken. The logo should be withdrawn from the public to save Osun State from this unnecessary bashing,” he submitted.

Online commentators echoed similar sentiments. One user, Depegan of Lagos, quipped, “Even someone learning computer basics could design something better.” Another user, Wale Adedayo, sarcastically remarked, “If you’re feeling down, just remember, a governor endorsed this as the state’s representation.”

Israel Innocent bluntly described the logo as “scrap,” questioning the competence of the designer.

The public outcry underscores widespread dissatisfaction with the new logo and calls for its reconsideration by the state government.

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