Our Organization Stands At Crossroads, Afenifere’s Leader Laments State Of Affairs

The Yoruba socio-political association, Afenifere, finds itself at a critical juncture as its esteemed leader, Pa Reuben Fasoranti, voices his deep disappointment and concerns over the current state of affairs.

 In a gathering of Afenifere members at his Akure residence on Wednesday, Fasoranti expressed his heartfelt dissatisfaction with the organization’s recent trajectory.

Fasoranti didn’t mince words, regretting the unpleasant condition that Afenifere has found itself in. 

The once-respected group is now grappling with a leadership crisis, casting a shadow over its ideals and goals. Fasoranti’s message was clear – urgent measures are needed to rejuvenate and restore the organization to its former glory.

The elderstatesman addressed fellow Afenifere chieftains, including prominent figures such as former Ondo State governor Dr Olusegun Mimiko, former Deputy Governor of Osun State Iyiola Omisore, and former Secretary to the Government of the Federation Chief Olu Falae.

 The meeting was a testament to the gravity of the situation, with influential voices convening to discuss the organization’s future.

Chief Fasoranti’s address carried an air of somberness and concern. 

He stated, “We find ourselves at a crossroads, with a noticeable departure from our cherished values of consultation, camaraderie, and brotherhood. 

Our traditional way of conducting business, the very foundation of our collegial leadership system, is facing a severe threat.”

Fasoranti didn’t shy away from the stark reality that the organization’s core values had eroded due to recent events. 

He candidly admitted, “Regrettably, the backbone of our organization has fractured.

 I say with a heavy heart that our organization is in a state of dismay, demanding urgent restoration to veer away from this undesirable path.”

The leader lamented that the course of events was contrary to his original vision when appointing the acting leader and deputy leader. 

His disappointment was palpable, underscored by his assertion that without prompt corrective action, Afenifere’s future appeared bleak and its resources were dwindling.

Calling upon the spirit of unity and mutual respect that Afenifere was founded upon, Fasoranti urged his fellow chieftains to come together to find a solution. 

He implored, “Let us address this challenge with determination and commitment. Together, I believe we can propel Afenifere to even greater heights.”

At the conclusion of the meeting, a communique was issued and read by the group’s Publicity Secretary, Jare Ajayi. 

The communique outlined resolutions reached during the gathering, announcing Afenifere’s intention to establish a committee for reconciliation and unity within the association.

“Afenifere, the ideological movement that stands as the Yoruba race’s vanguard, is poised for renewal.

 A committee will be instituted to achieve reconciliation and unity, reinvigorating the organization’s strength and commitment to its core values.”

As Afenifere stands at this pivotal juncture, its future rests on the shoulders of its leaders. 

With determination and collective effort, the organization can rekindle its spirit, upholding its principles and reestablishing its prominent role in championing the Yoruba cause.

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