Over Two Million Youth and 820 Schools Benefit In GenU 9JA Initiative

Daud Olatunji

In a groundbreaking achievement, the GenU 9JA initiative has surpassed expectations, positively impacting over two  million young individuals across underserved communities and 820 schools. 

A statement shared by UNICEF disclosed on Wednesday 

The statement read that, spearheaded by influential partners like IHS Towers, Microsoft, and Airtel, alongside government officials, youth representatives, and UNICEF stakeholders,  the public-private-youth collaboration has proven instrumental in bridging digital and skills gaps among Nigerian youth.

Platforms such as the Nigeria Learning Passport and YOMA played a pivotal role in facilitating learning for nearly 750,000 users, emphasizing the initiative’s commitment to empowering the youth amid the current education crisis.

It added that  over 800,000 young Nigerians were equipped with essential skills and livelihood opportunities, connecting them to diverse learning opportunities provided by private sector partners through YOMA.

UNICEF’s U-Report, an integral part of the initiative, reached nearly 5.5 million young people, fostering volunteering experiences and enhancing work experience. 

Notably, young volunteers significantly contributed to registering the birth of almost 8 million children during the recent e-birth registration campaign.

The GenU 9JA initiative has not only amplified the voices of millions of young people but has also provided substantial support for their transition from learning to earning.

 The impact is particularly noticeable in the enhancement of digital access, learning opportunities, and the development of soft and job-related skills for Nigerian children, adolescents, and youth.

Mobolaji Ogunlende, Hon. Commissioner, Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development, expressed appreciation for the initiative, stating, “UNICEF GenU 9JA embodies our commitment to youth empowerment, fostering a generation poised for sustainable development and economic prosperity.”

Cristian Munduate, UNICEF’s Representative in Nigeria, emphasized the urgency of such collaborative initiatives, highlighting GenU 9JA as a transformative power of collaboration between public and private sectors, alongside the active involvement of youth as generational agents of change.

Iruka Ndubuizu, Director Partnerships at Tony Elumelu Foundation, underscored the importance of partnerships for youth development, emphasizing the private sector’s commitment to the comprehensive development of Nigeria’s youth.

Members were ; The Federal Ministry of Education,the Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development,the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund,Airtel, IHS Towers, ATC Nigeria Impact Hub, Jobberman, PwC, Tech4Dev Microsoft, MTN, Cisco, Unilever, DSM-Firmenich, TEF, EME Entertainment, Vanguard Newspapers, Troy Media


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