Oyo Announces Recruitment Of 7,000 Primary School Teachers, 100 Caregivers 

The Oyo State government has unveiled plans to recruit 7,000 primary school teachers and 100 caregivers for special schools across the state.

PLATFORM TIMES reports that it was  a significant move to bolster its educational framework.

The Executive Chairman of the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), Dr. Nureni Adeniran, disclosed that its aims were  to address critical staffing shortages and enhance the quality of education.

Speaking at  a press conference held in Ibadan, Dr. Adeniran stressed  the importance of this recruitment drive. 

He said “preliminary work on the recruitment process has already begun.” 

He highlighted  the urgency and commitment behind the initiative. 

He underscored that filling these vacancies is crucial for the effective functioning of both primary schools and special education centers in Oyo State.

Applicants are required to be residents of the local government areas where they intend to work.

This residency requirement is designed to ensure that teachers are familiar with the communities they serve and can contribute meaningfully to local educational needs.

 Dr. Adeniran issued a stern warning against falsifying residency claims, noting that such actions would lead to disqualification from the recruitment process.

To maintain transparency and fairness, Dr. Adeniran advised applicants to obtain information directly from the SUBEB office. 

He explicitly stated that no one has been authorized to collect money from applicants, aiming to prevent potential exploitation and corruption during the recruitment process.

 “We urge applicants to come directly to the SUBEB office for accurate information,” he said, reinforcing the government’s commitment to a merit-based selection process.

The recruitment drive is not only a response to current staffing needs but also a strategic effort to improve the overall quality of education in Oyo State. 

Dr. Adeniran stressed that the process would be merit-based, ensuring that the most capable individuals are selected. 

He said that the government is making provisions to include individuals with disabilities, reflecting a commitment to inclusivity and equal opportunity.

According to him,  important criterion for the selection process is computer literacy. 

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