Oyo Governor Urges Unity, Vigilance Among Workers to Prevent Discord

Adejoke Adebiyi


The Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde on Monday, urged workers not to allow divisive forces to disrupt the harmonious relationship between them and the state government.

Makinde said this while addressing the labour unions in Ibadan.

Makinde’s statement came in response to recent protests staged by state workers who presented various demands.

The workers, adamant about their concerns, indicated that they would sustain the protests until their issues were addressed.

Assuring the workers of his commitment to maintaining a strong partnership with labour unions, Makinde emphasized the importance of preserving the welfare of the state.

He urged everyone to remember that Oyo State is their shared home, and any attempts to sow discord must be resisted.

Makinde also pledged to regularly engage with labour union leaders to bridge the gap between the government and workers.

He expressed his determination to thwart any efforts aimed at hindering the progress of the state, urging everyone to stay vigilant and united.

He said: “Five years ago, I was not here; in three years and some months to come, I will not be here as the governor, but, our state will remain.

“In everything that we do, let us remember that it is our state; we don’t have anywhere else that we can call home, and anyone who wants to draw water from the well should not pollute that well.”

The governor further said: “There are people who don’t want progress for our state; they will try to come in between you and I. But I have promised that every quarter we will be having a parley with the leadership of the labour unions. We will ensure we close the gap between the government and labour.”

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