Pan-Yoruba Group Urges Southwest Govs To Establish O’odua Airlines

The Alliance for Yoruba Democratic Movements (AYDM) has called upon the governors of the six South-West  states to establish O’odua Airlines.

The  concerned states are : Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Ondo, Ekiti and Osun  states .

The group said the airline must be dedicated to both local and international routes, citing its high potential for success.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the AYDM, through its General Secretary, Mr. Popoola Ajayi, emphasized the viability of the initiative, stating that it would complement existing private endeavors, leading to reduced air travel costs, job creation, and advancements in tourism and agriculture within the region and Nigeria at large.

The group has already communicated its proposal to the state governors, urging them to prioritize the establishment of O’odua Airlines.

Highlighting the substantial Yoruba population residing in West Africa, Europe, and America, the AYDM underscored the necessity for a regional airline to provide an alternative to foreign carriers.

 They noted the significant potential for the airline to cater to the transportation needs of both people and agro-products, thereby boosting economic activities in Nigeria.

While acknowledging the commendable efforts of Air Peace CEO, Mr. Allen Onyema, the group stressed that more stakeholders must invest in the aviation sector.

 They proposed that the Southwest states collaborate to establish a regional airline, citing it as a crucial step towards addressing unemployment and enhancing tourism.

Drawing inspiration from the success of Ibom Air, established by the Akwa Ibom State government, the AYDM urged Southwest governors to expedite the establishment of O’odua Airlines. 

They suggested Ibadan as the commercial hub and emphasized the readiness of airports across the region to support increased air traffic.

To advance the initiative, Ajayi urged the governors to establish a technical committee promptly, asserting that numerous aviation companies worldwide would be eager to partner with the Southwest states on the project.

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