Parents Of 91 Remaining Chibok Girls Seek First Lady’s Intervention 10 Years After 

The parents of the 91 remaining Chibok girls, abducted in 2014 out of   276 girls, have penned a heartfelt letter to Her Excellency Mrs. Remi Tinubu, seeking her intervention in their decade-long ordeal. 

The open letter, titled “A Plea for Justice and Remembering the Chibok Girls,” was made public in Lagos on Wednesday, capturing the anguish and resilience of a community still grappling with the aftermath of the tragic abduction.

Yana Galang and Mallam Zanna, representing the Chibok Parents Association and those awaiting the return of their daughters, articulated the profound impact of the abduction, emphasizing that while the world may have moved on, their pain remains palpable and their hope unwavering. 

They recounted the harrowing night when their daughters were forcibly taken, lamenting the void left by their absence and the persistent agony that continues to haunt them.

With unwavering resolve, the parents implored Mrs. Tinubu to leverage her influence and platform to ensure that the plight of the Chibok girls is never forgotten, and that justice is served for those accountable for the heinous act. 

Their plea for solidarity and empathy resonated as they appealed for support in their tireless quest for truth and closure.

The Chibok parents  said they find solace in their shared hope for the safe return of their daughters, kindling candles and offering prayers on April 14th, 2024, as a testament to their enduring faith as another  anniversary of the abduction approaches.

PLATFORM TIMES gathered that the letter was to remind  the government on the plights of the remaining 91 children abducted.

The parents in their appeal requested an audience with Mrs. Tinubu, seeking her assistance and understanding as they navigate through unimaginable pain. 

 The Full content of the  letter ;

Subject: A Plea for Justice and Remembering the Chibok Girls – A Letter to Her Excellency Mrs. Remi Tinubu


Your Excellency Mrs. Remi Tinubu,


As we mark the solemn 10th anniversary of the abduction of our daughters in Chibok, we write to you with heavy hearts and hopeful spirits. The pain and anguish of losing our girls to such horrific circumstances have weighed heavily on us for a decade now. We are the parents of the 91 Chibok girls who have yet to return home, and our hopes have never wavered, even in the face of despair.


We write to you not only as parents, but as voices of a community that continues to suffer from the devastating impact of this tragedy. Our daughters were taken from us in the prime of their lives, stripped of their innocence and robbed of their futures. We cannot begin to describe the emptiness that has consumed us since that fateful day in April 2014.


Your Excellency, as the wife of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and as the mother of the nation, we implore you to remember our daughters and to stand with us in seeking justice and closure. The world may have moved on, but for us, the pain remains raw and the wounds refuse to heal. We are haunted by the memories of that night when our girls were taken from us, and every day we pray for their safe return.

We have not lost hope, Your Excellency. We have not given up on our daughters, and we will continue to fight for their freedom until they are brought back to us. We urge you to use your influence and your platform to ensure that the plight of the Chibok girls is never forgotten, that justice is served, and that those responsible for this heinous act are held accountable.

On this solemn occasion, we ask for your support in keeping the spotlight on the Chibok girls and their families. We ask for your solidarity in our quest for truth and closure. We ask for your compassion and your commitment to ensuring that no other parent has to endure the pain that we have suffered for a decade.

As we light candles and say prayers for our missing daughters in Chibok on April 14th 2024, we hold on to the hope that one day they will be reunited with us. We hold on to the belief that justice will prevail and that those responsible for their abduction will face the consequences of their actions. We hold on to the love that binds us as families and as a community, determined to see our girls come home.

Your Excellency, we humbly ask for an opportunity to meet with you, to seek your assistance in advocating for the safe return of our daughters. We ask for your empathy and your understanding as we navigate through this unimaginable pain. We ask for your commitment to standing by us and never forgetting the 276 girls who were taken from their school that night.

In closing, we want to thank you for taking the time to read our letter and for considering our plea. We hope that it touches your heart and inspires you to take action on behalf of the Chibok girls and their families. May our voices be heard, may our daughters be found, and may justice be served.

With hope and determination,


 Yana Galang and  Mallam Zanna, 


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