Paternity Dispute Unfolds: 81-Year-Old Bishop Denies Fathering Alleged Rape Victim’s Child

Daud Olatunji

In a shocking paternity mess, an 81-year-old Ekiti cleric, Bishop Daramola James, is embroiled in a controversial case with Omobunmi, a woman who claims he fathered her nine-year-old child, Olayemi Testimony Oreoluwa.

The woman alleges that the Bishop raped her for 14 years, resulting in four abortions.

Omobunmi, who was only 15  years old when the alleged encounters began, recently took her accusations public, appearing on a radio programme hosted by Omo Edema.

During the broadcast, Bishop Daramola confessed to having had a sexual relationship with Omobunmi, revealing that she is his niece.

He expressed regret over his actions and pledged to support her tertiary education for two years.

However, the paternity dispute took a new turn when Omobunmi claimed that she had aborted pregnancies for the Bishop four times and had a child, Olayemi, who is now nine years old.

She lamented that her life had been ruined by the octogenarian, who continued the alleged abuse until she turned 29.

Adding a bizarre twist to the story, it was reported that Bunmi had a stillbirth for the Bishop, but the body was exhumed by a dog seven days after burial, dragging it around the town.

Seeking resolution, a DNA test was conducted at Afe Babalola ABUAD Hospital to determine the paternity of Olayemi.

The results, read by a medical expert, indicated zero percent likelihood of the Bishop being the child’s father.

The expert suggested that the result could be contested if any party felt uncomfortable.

Upon hearing the DNA results, Bishop Daramola recanted his agreement to fund Omobunmi’s education, stating, “I am not the owner of the child she brought.” He pointed out that Omobunmi has another child, Tobi, from a different father.

He stated, “The results indicate that I am not the biological parent of the child she presented. I am not responsible for the child. If it weren’t for the conclusive result, she would have insisted that I am the child’s father.

“This woman has a 14-year-old child named Tobi attending Secondary School in Ifaki, belonging to someone from Ifaki. The child is in SS1, and the father is from Ifaki.

“My argument is that both the firstborn and the child we tested through DNA are not my offspring.

“I had agreed to sponsor her education before the DNA results were available. Now that it confirms I am not the biological parent, I don’t think I can continue with that commitment.

Omobunmi vehemently rejected the DNA results, alleging that they were compromised.

She expressed suspicions of a connection influencing the outcome and called for another test, citing financial constraints.

“I am convinced that the man is the biological parent. I can bet my life on it. The results have been tampered with.

” We were given a 20-working-day timeframe for the results, and if it fails medically, it cannot fail traditionally.

“I suspect the results have been compromised. I reject the outcome. He has connections and has used them to manipulate the results.

“It is true that I have three children. The first was born after I left secondary school.

“The man who impregnated me had an accident on his way to my house. I hadn’t seen him until recently, and he mentioned the accident on his way to my house. His name is Sola from Ifaki.

“The second person is Adex. He would threaten them, and they would run away from me.

“He placed some charm on me, and I would unknowingly end up at his house, where he would take advantage of me. I terminated pregnancy for him four times, and I had a child for him.

“I will not accept the result; it has been doctored. I want another test to be conducted, but I don’t have the financial means for a DNA test.”

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