Patients Stranded in Ogun Hospitals As Nationwide Strike Takes Toll

Deborah Hundenu, Febe Falodun & Jelili Gbadamosi

As the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) commenced their nationwide strike, patients and their families in Ogun State found themselves in a dire situation, with hospitals grappling to provide adequate care amidst the industrial action.

The strike, declared indefinitely against the federal government’s failure to reach an agreement on the new minimum wage, has led to widespread disruptions across various sectors.

 In Ogun State, the impact on healthcare facilities such as the Ogun State General Hospital in Sokenu and the Federal Medical Centre in Idi-Aba, Abeokuta, has been particularly severe.

Upon visiting these hospitals, reporters from PLATFORM TIMES observed scenes of chaos and desperation. 

Public establishments were shut with entrances locked and keys turned. 

At the State General Hospital in Abeokuta, families were seen frantically relocating their loved ones, fearing for their well-being in the face of the strike-induced staff shortages.

In the emergency ward and other crucial areas, doctors and nurses had downed tools, leaving patients without vital medical attention. 

Some patients, unable to receive the care they needed, were being moved to private hospitals by commercial cabs that had entered the premises.

Amidst the turmoil, voices of distress and pleading emerged from both patients and their families. 

Speaking to PLATFORM TIMES, they urged both the government and the labour unions to swiftly resolve their differences and end the strike, which had exacerbated their suffering.

The plight of patients and their families was mirrored at the Federal Medical Centre in Idi-Aba, where the strike’s impact was keenly felt. With hospitals operating at reduced capacity and essential services disrupted. 

Families expressed frustration and concern over the welfare of their loved ones.

Despite the grim situation, only a handful of medical workers were present in the wards, struggling to attend to the overwhelming number of patients. 

Families, faced with the harsh reality of the strike, took it upon themselves to move their relatives from their sickbeds, seeking alternative arrangements for their care.

The strike’s repercussions extended beyond the healthcare sector, with schools and offices forced to shut down in compliance with the industrial action. 

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