PDP Kicks As Explosive Leaked Audio Exposes Alleged Attempt To Bribe  Zamfara  Tribunal Judges 

A startling leaked audio recording has thrown Zamfara State’s political landscape into turmoil as the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) intensifies its demand for a comprehensive investigation into shocking allegations of bribery involving Judges from the Zamfara Election Petition Tribunal, currently convened in Sokoto State.


In an unprecedented move, the PDP has seized upon a widely disseminated audio clip, in which a prominent supporter of the All Progressives Congress (APC), doubling as an online media proprietor, divulged that he had been enlisted by a former state governor to orchestrate a compromise of judgments in favor of the APC.


Raising eyebrows at a press conference held in the heart of Zamfara State’s capital, Gusau, the acting Chairman of the Zamfara State PDP, Mukhtar Lugga, 


declared that the leaked audio captured the APC stalwart arrogantly asserting that the former governor—now a sitting senator—had guaranteed a victory for the APC in the gubernatorial case.


The gravity of the situation deepened as Lugga disclosed that the same audio unveiled that the APC figurehead had made grave accusations against the integrity of the elections tribunal judges.


 In shocking detail, the individual claimed that the judges had been swayed by inducements, long before the actual judgment day, to rule in favor of the APC.


Even more unsettling was the revelation that the ex-governor had reportedly dispensed a staggering sum of N100 million to 17 members of the State House of Assembly, ostensibly to initiate impeachment proceedings against the current state governor, Dauda Lawal.


Calling for swift and resolute action, the PDP’s Chairman urged the National Judicial Council (NJC) to instigate a thorough inquiry into the alleged misdeeds perpetrated by the tribunal judges, as chronicled in the inflammatory audio recording. 


Simultaneously, he implored the Department of State Services (DSS) to summon the implicated APC high-ranking member for interrogation, while also seeking the retrieval of unpublished judgments concerning the governorship and State Assembly election petitions—an astonishing claim he made to possess.


Amidst the mounting pressure, the PDP’s clarion call extended to the former governor of Zamfara State, now serving as a Senator. 


The party insisted that he take immediate action to dispel the cloud of suspicion hanging over him, addressing allegations of bribery, financial misconduct, and corruption.


Undeterred, Lugga further rallied the support of the Inspector General of Police, urging an exhaustive investigation into the APC chieftain’s role in the unfolding scandal. Concurrently, he rallied State Assembly members to swiftly convene and deliberate on initiating civil legal action against the accused individual, charging him with character defamation and ill-intentioned malice. 


The explosive audio leak has not only cast an ominous shadow over the political panorama of Zamfara State but also ignited a fervent demand for accountability and justice within its ranks.

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