Physicians Warn Tinubu: Public Health In Peril Under Current Administration

The Association of Public Health Physicians of Nigeria (APHPN) has sounded the alarm, asserting that public health is at risk under the present administration.

Addressing attendees at the 40th Annual General Meeting and Scientific Conference, as well as the Golden Jubilee Celebration of the association in Akure, the Ondo state capital, APHPN President Alphonsus Isara expressed grave concerns over the state of healthcare delivery.

Isara highlighted significant challenges plaguing the healthcare sector, including a weak healthcare system, depleted human resources due to massive brain drain, inadequate infrastructure, health insecurity, and a lack of political will from the government.

“The present political dispensation in Nigeria has ushered in an avalanche of public health issues that are threatening the healthcare delivery system of the country,” Isara remarked, emphasizing the drastic depletion of the health workforce and the socio-economic barriers hindering access to healthcare for many citizens.

Isara outlined APHPN’s commitment to advocating for a better healthcare system through various means, including advocacy, service delivery, stakeholder engagements, and capacity building.

During the conference, discussions and scientific paper presentations will focus on addressing the current challenges in Nigeria’s healthcare delivery system. Isara emphasized the need to reposition public health services for more effective and efficient healthcare delivery, despite the uphill task.

He also highlighted the constant threat of infectious diseases in Nigeria, such as Lassa fever, Yellow fever, Cholera, and Cerebrospinal meningitis. Isara stressed the importance of advocating for the domestication of infection prevention protocols at both community and facility levels.

Furthermore, Isara called for the establishment of the Department of Public Health in all secondary and tertiary healthcare facilities nationwide, emphasizing the crucial role of public health in safeguarding the well-being of the population.

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