Planned June 12 Protests Have Sinister Objectives, Warns Nigeria’s Secret Police

The Department of State Services (DSS), has issued a stern warning to citizens regarding planned protests set to take place on Wednesday, (today)  coinciding with Democracy Day celebrations. 

This caution comes amidst growing tensions and widespread dissatisfaction with the current state of the nation’s economy and governance.

The government had previously declared June 12 as a public holiday to mark Democracy Day, a significant occasion commemorating the return to civilian rule in Nigeria. 

However, this year’s celebrations are overshadowed by the planned protests, which the DSS claims are designed with “sinister objectives.”

In a press statement issued by Peter Afunanya, the DSS Director of Public Relations and Strategic Communications, the agency alleged that certain non-state actors are orchestrating these protests to incite violence in various parts of the country. 

Afunanya emphasized that while the right to peaceful assembly and expression is constitutionally guaranteed, these freedoms should not be exploited to compromise national security and public safety.

The grievances fueling the protests include the recent removal of the fuel subsidy, which has led to a significant increase in the prices of goods and services.

 Many Nigerians are struggling to cope with the resulting economic strain. Protest organizers accuse the government and its affiliates of corruption and maintaining a lavish lifestyle at the expense of the suffering populace. 

They are calling on citizens to participate in the protests to demand systemic changes and reclaim the nation from what they describe as exploitative elites.

Despite these calls for action, the DSS has urged citizens to disregard the protest invitations and continue their daily activities without fear. 

The agency assured the public that it is working in collaboration with other security forces to safeguard lives and property across the nation.

“The attention of the Department of State Services (DSS) has been drawn to plans by certain individuals and groups to stage physical protests in some parts of the country on 12th June, 2024. 

The protests are designed with sinister objectives to coincide with the Democracy Day Celebration. While citizens may have the rights of assembly and expression, such freedoms should not be used to undermine public safety and national security,” the statement read.

The DSS underscored its commitment to maintaining peace and order, highlighting that any attempts to incite violence would be met with strong resistance. 

The agency called on citizens to channel their grievances through appropriate legal avenues rather than resorting to potentially disruptive demonstrations.

“Citizens are, therefore, called upon to resist any persuasions to be lawless or cause disorder and anarchy in the nation.

“Displeased persons are rather encouraged to appropriately channel their grievances through the right channels and procedures,” the statement continued.

As Nigeria celebrates 25 years of uninterrupted democracy, the DSS appealed for continued patriotism, unity, and commitment to nation-building. 

The agency also provided contact information for the public to report any suspicious activities or seek assistance.

While the DSS acknowledges the right to protest, it stresses that national security and public order must not be compromised. 

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