POLICE BRUTALITY : Man Replaced For Criminal, Lost Mother, Limb, Spent Four Years In Prisons

Human Rights Calls For Accountability, Reforms

… IGP Has Ordered Investigation -Force PRO 

Daud Olatunji

In a chilling account, Solomon Bawa from Nassarawa state recounts the nightmare that unfolded when he was mistakenly identified as a suspected thief, Gambo Bawa by the police in 2019.

Despite vehemently asserting his innocence, Solomon faced relentless beatings and coercion to admit to a crime he did not commit.

PLATFORM TIMES obtained 19:59 video clip from a human right radio Berekete Channels on Saturday.

Solomon’s ordeal extended to the State CID in Lafia, where the brutality escalated, resulting in the loss of his left arm.

Desperate for help, he pleaded with an Igbo trader to inform his mother, but even her intervention fell on deaf ears as authorities refused to acknowledge Solomon’s true identity.

“I am not Bawa Gambo,” Solomon insisted, but faced with the threat of further harm, he succumbed to the pressure and falsely confessed to being the wanted individual.

This coerced admission led to a fabricated narrative of motorcycle theft, landing Solomon in a three-year-long nightmare within the confines of Lafia prison, without ever being presented in court.

Tragedy struck when Solomon’s mother passed away due to the shock of her son’s predicament.

Left without a voice, Solomon languished in prison until a compassionate woman, moved by his story and intervened.

She reportedly discovered the truth, sought legal help, and eventually facilitated Solomon’s appearance in court.

PLATFORM TIMES gathered from  the video which had gone viral  that the incident occured in 2019 when a gang of policemen apprehended Solomon, demanding information about a suspected thief, Gambo Bawa, a person unknown to him.

Inspector Usman Amgbashi, a name etched into Solomon’s harrowing memories, played a central role in the tragic saga.

The brutality reached a horrifying climax as Solomon lost his left arm, a consequence of relentless beatings and threats to remove both hands.

In a twisted turn of events, another officer, Addo Bature,reportedly convinced Solomon to falsely admit to being Bawa Gambo to avoid further harm

This coerced confession led to a fabricated motorcycle theft charge, resulting in a three-year imprisonment without a single court appearance.

The court’s revelation exposed the gross miscarriage of justice, with the real Bawa Gambo already free on bail.

Inspector Usman Amgbashi, a key figure in Solomon’s suffering, stubbornly avoided court appearances, revealing a disturbing lack of accountability within the police force.

Solomon’s release from court marked only the beginning of his struggle for justice. Threatened by Inspector Amgbashi upon attempting to retrieve his belongings from the State CID, Solomon’s ordeal persisted.

The pervasive issue of innocent individuals being replaced by criminals within the police system is a damning indictment on the state of justice in Nigeria.

Human Rights Radio Advocates Justice For Solomon Bawa: Calls For Accountability, Reforms”

In a fervent plea for justice, Ahmad Isa, the head of Human Rights Radio Berekete, has taken a bold stance on behalf of Solomon Bawa, the victim of gross police misconduct in Nasarawa state.

Amidst the shocking revelations of Solomon’s wrongful imprisonment, brutal beatings, and coerced confessions, Ahmad Isa is demanding accountability from the authorities.

“The Commissioner of Police in Nasarawa state must ensure that this man, Solomon Bawa, gets justice,” declares Ahmad Isa. He emphasizes the gravity of the situation and calls for decisive action against Inspector Usman Amgbashi, the alleged perpetrator of Solomon’s suffering.

“Inspector Amgbashi must be dismissed, prosecuted, and go to prison,” asserts Ahmad Isa, highlighting the severity of the alleged abuses by a law enforcement officer.

The demand for accountability aims to send a strong message that such actions will not be tolerated within the police force.

The advocate for justice extends beyond mere words, with Ahmad Isa emphasizing the need for systemic reforms within the police department.

The call for justice is not just about addressing individual cases but about preventing such egregious violations of human rights in the future.

At the forefront of this quest for justice is Bar C Y Marshal, a woman who played a pivotal role in rescuing Solomon Bawa.

Her efforts in uncovering the truth, seeking medical attention for Solomon, and facilitating legal assistance have not gone unnoticed. Bar C Y Marshal has become a symbol of compassion and resilience in the face of injustice.

The Human Rights Radio Berekete Channel has become a platform for amplifying Solomon’s story and shedding light on the larger issue of police brutality and wrongful arrests.

Through their broadcasts, they aim to raise awareness, mobilize public support, and put pressure on authorities to rectify the situation.

When asked about future plans, Ahmad Isa acknowledges the challenges ahead. “I try to farm but cannot do,” he shares, underlining the personal sacrifice and dedication invested in the pursuit of justice.

Despite facing obstacles, the commitment to fighting for the rights of individuals like Solomon Bawa remains unwavering.

As the call for justice reverberates through the airwaves of Human Rights Radio Berekete, the hope is that the Commissioner of Police in Nasarawa state heeds the plea, and Inspector Usman Amgbashi is held accountable for his alleged actions.

The overarching goal is not only to secure justice for Solomon Bawa but also to pave the way for a more just and accountable law enforcement system.

When contacted for a reaction, the force Public Relations Officer, ACP, Olumuyiwa Adejobi said the force is aware .

Adejobi who called for caution, said the case needed to be investigated.

He said “The IGP personally intervened, and he  has ordered a team at the Force Headquarters to take up the matter for thorough investigation. The case needs to be investigated

” We are aware and ready to do justice to the matter.”


The victim’s statement is hereby produced by PLATFORM TIMES ;

“My name is Solomon Bawa from Nasarawa state, Konkaro ankara village in Ajaga village.

“In 2019, they called me and asked for my name, and I told them I am Solomon Bawa. They asked if I knew anyone named Gambo Bawa, and I said no. They instructed me to enter a vehicle and took me to their police station at Masaka. Again, they asked for my name, and I honestly stated that I am Solomon Bawa.

“They told me to remove my belt and shoes, then asked me to sit down and placed me in the cell until daybreak. As I protested and shouted about my innocence, they beat me and locked me up again.

“The following day, they transported me to the State CID at Lafia, a place even more terrible than the police station. They resumed beating me, demanding information about Bawa Gambo, despite my repeated assertion that my name is Solomon Bawa.

“I pleaded with an Igbo trader near the station to inform my mother of my situation. When she arrived, I asked her to tell them that I am not Bawa Gambo. Despite her explanations, no one listened, and the beatings intensified, resulting in the loss of my left arm.

“Inspector Usman Amgbashi, the person responsible, threatened to remove my other hand. Another policeman, Addo Bature, convinced me to falsely admit I am Bawa Gambo to prevent further harm.

“They took me back to the cell, and due to the relentless beating, I reluctantly accepted the false identity.

“On one Friday, a policeman coerced me into confessing to stealing a motorcycle, threatening me with harm if I didn’t comply. I falsely admitted to stealing two motorcycles, providing a fabricated location.

“After two months, they took me to the hospital, and during this time, my mother died of shock.

“The situation worsened, and with no one to rescue me, I cried every day. They transferred me from the State CID to the police station in Lafia. Despite spending three years in Lafia prison, I was never taken to court.

“One day, a Controller visited the prison, and I narrated my ordeal. Concerned for my health, he ordered my transfer to Keffi prison, where I spent an additional year.

“A compassionate woman inquired about my injured hand, confirmed the police brutality, and provided medicines. She facilitated my court appearance, revealing that I am not Bawa Gambo but a victim of a flawed investigation.

“The court granted me bail in August this year, instructing me to return on October 4. However, when I appeared in court, nobody attended. The woman who has been assisting me advised calling my family for support.

“Inspector Usman Amgbashi of the State CID remains unaccountable. Gambo paid N150k for his bail.

” My hands are non-functional since the incident. I recounted another incident in Kaduna where a man spent 11 years in prison after being wrongly arrested.

“Upon my release, I visited the State CID to collect my phone, and Inspector Amgbashi threatened me, compelling me to turn back home.

“It was during a visit to the prison with the governor’s wife that we heard the story of a man wrongly incarcerated. Policemen continue to replace innocent individuals with criminals, causing profound suffering.

“The loss of my mother and the functionality of my hands remains a tragic consequence of this systemic injustice.”

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