Police  Prevent Crisis In Kaduna Over  Dog Meat Delicacies Served At Naming Party 

Tensions flared in the Nasarawa community, just outside the Kaduna metropolis, as youth groups threatened to set fire to the home of a Muslim man accused of serving dog meat delicacies to guests during his child’s naming ceremony. To avert a crisis, security personnel were swiftly deployed to the area.

The security forces acted promptly, dispersing the agitated youths and preventing any harm to the man’s residence and the adjacent Islamic school. 

Nasarawa’s Councillor, Adam Muhammad, reported that the community had regained its calm due to the presence of security personnel, who were tasked with maintaining law and order.

The state Police Command, through its spokesperson, ASP Mansir Hassan, confirmed that they were investigating the incident. The accused individual denied slaughtering any dogs for the naming ceremony. 

Nevertheless, the police cautioned community members against taking matters into their own hands, emphasizing the importance of due process.

Within the Nasarawa community, diverse opinions emerged regarding the accused man’s actions. Some residents contended that his actions contradicted Islamic principles.

 However, close associates of the man clarified that their religious sect did not hold objections to consuming dog meat.

Representing the sect members, Ismail Abubakar Rijana explained that the Quran did not expressly prohibit the consumption of dogs. 

He added that their religious beliefs aligned with the Quran and the Nigerian constitution granted them the right to practice their faith.

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi weighed in on the issue, condemning the consumption of dog meat. 

He cited Islamic teachings, asserting that Prophet Muhammad had prohibited the consumption of animals with hunting characteristics or canine teeth, which includes dogs.

The Supreme Council for Shariah in Kaduna also expressed disapproval of consuming dog meat. Abdulrahaman Hassan, the council’s secretary, emphasized the importance of adhering to fundamental Islamic principles of jurisprudence among all Muslims.

This incident in Kaduna has sparked a complex debate regarding religious interpretations and cultural practices, highlighting the need for respectful dialogue and understanding within diverse communities.

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