Police  Warn  Motorists Against Illegally Covered Number Plates

Daud Olatunji

In a recent announcement, the Nigeria Police Force has issued a stern warning to motorists, declaring it a criminal offence to cover their vehicle number plates without a valid reason.

The Force Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, conveyed this message through an official statement shared via his social media handle on Friday.

Adejobi emphasized the importance of maintaining visible registration numbers at all times, condemning the prevalent practice of covering number plates without legitimate justification. 

He stated, “It is a common thing to see many vehicle owners and drivers cover their number plates for no reason; this is wrong and even criminal.

 It is as important and compulsory for all vehicles to be duly registered, so it’s compulsory to make registration numbers visible at all times.”

The Force PRO outlined specific exemptions for “pennant officers” and heads of the three branches of the government—executive, legislative, and judiciary. These high-ranking officials are allowed to use pennants or flags on their official vehicles.

 However, Adejobi clarified that the display of their office seals or ranks (for military or police) must accompany the numbers and pennants. Additionally, after 6 pm or when officials are not in the vehicle, their numbers must be covered.

He asserted, “This impunity must stop in Nigeria, and we need to know the right thing to do. Our officers and men and other traffic management agencies are aware of this and hereby urged to go after any violator, as such is criminal. It encourages recklessness and crimes with impunity. Let’s collectively kick against it.”

This announcement comes in the wake of previous police bans on the unauthorized use of unmarked vehicles and covered number plates across the country. 

Authorities are calling for collective efforts to curb this practice, highlighting its potential to foster recklessness and criminal activities. Motorists are strongly urged to comply with the regulations, with law enforcement agencies prepared to take strict action against violators.

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