Polytechnic Extends Amnesty To Repentant Cultists In Edo 

Daud Olatunji

In a significant move towards fostering a safer academic environment, Auchi Polytechnic in Edo State has offered amnesty to four repentant cultists. 

Dr. Salisu Umar, the Rector of the institution, announced this initiative during an address to the former cult members.

Dr. Umar passionately urged all students to sever their ties with cults, emphasizing that renouncing such affiliations signifies abandoning destructive lifestyles and malevolent paths.

 He stressed, “No good thing comes from the devil.”

The amnesty program, designed to establish a zero-tolerance policy for cultism, was organized by the polytechnic’s management. 

Dr. Umar warned that after participating in the renunciation program, any staff or students caught engaging in cult-related activities would face appropriate penalties and punishments.

In a bid to combat cultism comprehensively, Dr. Umar called upon religious institutions to play an active role. 

He suggested that churches and mosques should establish robust youth departments and mentoring programs to guide young individuals away from the allure of cults.

Furthermore, the Rector encouraged students who may prefer not to publicly renounce their memberships to take this crucial step towards a brighter future.

During the event, Mr. Daniel Osita, a reformed cultist, commended the students for their decision to renounce cultism. 

He highlighted the importance of making wise life choices, emphasizing that these choices have the power to either shape or mar one’s future.

This amnesty initiative at Auchi Polytechnic marks a significant stride in the institution’s ongoing efforts to create a safer and more productive educational environment.

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